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Tips on maintaining your walk-in cooler or freezer

Whether you own a store, commercial kitchen, flower shop or any business that deal in perishable products, a walk-in cooler or freezer is a necessity. Sometimes, these break down, just like any other appliance and need to be looked at. Maintain your walk-in cooler or freezer and you will less likely need walk in freezer repair

Walk-in Cooler or freezer manufacturers recommend the following tips to help maintain your unit. 

Clean up spills and keep food covered

Clean immediately after spills, leaks or when any other contamination occurs. If a spill of any kind has happened, clean it up properly. Just plain soap and water does the trick! 

Clean the entire walk-in regularly, including doors and walls to help maintain proper temperatures. 

Turn off the lights

Ensure lights are switched off when you exit the walk-in. Lights produce heat which could cause the unit to use more energy in order to stay at optimum temperature.


Inspect regularly 

Regularly inspect walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler for anything that might cause unsafe conditions. Make sure gaskets are tight, inspect doors, seals, hinges, handles etc… Also, make sure floor drains are working properly and clean. 

Keep the units clear

Always keep the areas around your evaporators and condensing units clear to ensure proper airflow. Do not allow trash or other debris to accumulate around the walk-in.


Maintained walk-in coolers and freezers function better. Because of this, they operate more efficiently than a cooler that is not maintained, which in turn means less money spent on bills.


If you have any issues contact your walk-in cooler repair professional. They are the experts and provide tips on how to keep walk-in freezers running safely and efficiently.

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