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Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Whether you’re ready for it or not, fall will be here before you know it. As the days get shorter and the temperature brisker, it’s time to put away the lawn furniture and get your house prepared for what’s in store over the next six months. Fall is the perfect time of year to de-clutter your home and make some changes.

Here are some ways you can make your home ready for autumn.

Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Believe it or not, ceiling fans gather dust over the course of the summer, so it’s important that you clean them before you turn on their blades for autumn.

Start by removing the blades from your fan, then sprinkle some baby powder or baking soda on a cloth or paper towel and use it to wipe down each blade. Finish off with another dusting of whatever you used before re-installing them on your ceiling fixture.

Clean Your Windows

During the summer, windows tend to accumulate dirt and grime as they are exposed to the outdoor elements every day. To make sure that sunlight enters your home during fall, clean those windows now. Buff them using newspaper, an old t-shirt, vinegar and water (or commercial window cleaner), so you’ll be able to see into your backyard come October!

Check your roof.

While roof repair in Calgary is a year-round service, it’s best to make sure that your roof can handle the winter snow and ice before it starts! Give your roof a thorough inspection for any possible problems. Look for broken or missing shingles, curling edges, and other issues which may be caused by rotting wood, heat loss, fire damage or other roofing damage such as roof leaks. If you spot any of these signs on your roof, call your licenced repairman immediately to help prevent further roof damage during the winter months.      

Gutter Cleaning

Get out there with a ladder and clear all that gunk out of those gutters! Fallen leaves are the most common item to clog gutters.

Sweep the outside Carpets

Even though you took your shoes off when you entered your home in June, it’s probably time to sweep or vacuum those carpets again. When the invited guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, they won’t have to worry about tracking in dust and debris from outside after they wipe their feet before entering.

De-Clutter Your House

Remove all unnecessary items from your closets, shelves and drawers so that you can make room for new seasonal clothing come wintertime. If you haven’t used that rubber ducky pool float, then it’s time to say goodbye. Put away those flip flops and sand pails, and bring out the fall decor. This is also a good time to go through your seasonal decor and get rid of the items that you don’t put out anymore.

Trim back trees and bushes

Trim back trees and bushes to allow for more light into your house. Also, cut back those perennials that have now died and dried up. Doing this now will save you time come springtime. So grab that hedge trimmer and get started ASAP.


Clean Your Fireplace  

It’s a good time to clean the creosote off the bricks of your fireplace so that you can enjoy a fire come wintertime. Creosote buildup creates potential fires, so take care of it now before the heat turns on. Cleaning your chimney is also important since there may be debris inside from last year’s fire. You might as well check those flues too while you’re at it; put those gloves on!  Also, make sure those screens are free from obstructions and blockages. They should be able to open and close properly.


With these preparations, you can make your home feel cosy and inviting during the cooler months. 

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