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When Should I Buy New Flooring?

If you recently moved into a new dwelling or perhaps doing some renovations to your current place, you will certainly consider replacing your flooring to suit your wants.

There are several reasons why homeowners would like to replace their flooring — it might have been too old, it needs repair, or perhaps it needs modernization. Whatever the reason is, we’ll give some tips that will assist in selecting a new flooring and when to buy it.

Factors To Consider In Choosing a Flooring

  • Style and design: Most homeowners prefer minimalistic design. Plain color and texture can be used in wide spaces within the receiving area. Minimalist design is often associated with being organized, simple, as well as tidy. A flooring design like this is suitable if you are receiving visitors more often.
  • Color and texture: In addition to the style and design of your flooring, the color must conform with the overall look of your house. The flooring must not contradict your painted walls. For example, if you use light colors in painting your walls, you can match them with any plain flooring. Of course, you also have the freedom to put a contrast depending on your vibe. To obtain a good recommendation on your flooring selection, Zelta Floor and Design will surely be of great help.
  • Budget: If the flooring replacement comes as a necessity, a budget might have been prepared. On the other hand, you have to consider the cost and value of your flooring selection. The market always offers flooring selections that are of low-cost but still of high-quality.

When Is The Best Time To Buy a New Flooring?

Just like any other products out there, flooring is no different. Usually, the best time to buy a new flooring may depend primarily on the reason for buying.

Take for instance: if you want to save some money, purchase during a discounted period is a great plus. These discounted periods often come in holidays.

Great rebates are offered in New Year sales, mid-year events, and year-end promotions up to 50%.

Why is it the best time to buy? Well, during these seasons, people are busy with their occasions and other activities. Construction projects are reduced significantly resulting in a decrease in demand. Economically, a decrease in demand for a certain product including flooring is equivalent to a decrease in the price as well.

Aside from purchasing when the demand is low, you can also ask for a discount if you buy more. Of course, this depends on the owner.

Nonetheless, purchasing a new floor – whatever it is made of – can also be done any time of the year. Discounts can be minimal, but you get to choose from a variety of designs.

What Type of Flooring To Install?

The type of flooring to be used must be based on which room it will be installed.

There are a variety of options – laminated, hardwood, engineered wood, tile, and vinyl – all of which are good.

  • Solid wood flooring – this type of flooring offers a natural warmth. It has also a high wear resistance and is best installed when varnished several times.
  • Laminated flooring – this type can duplicate any design you want. Your selection can be printed beneath the sheet and laminate with a plastic cover.
  • Vinyl flooring – it is resistant to wear, scratches and dents. While it has a resemblance to tiles and planks, you can request a more minimalistic design. It cannot easily be discolored when exposed to sunlight and stains can be cleaned effortlessly.
  • Linoleum flooring – it is a resilient material primarily composed of linseed oil and mixed with other wood products. Just like vinyl flooring, you can demand the design you want.

To sum up, you need to consider three factors in choosing a flooring to be applied at home, that is, style and design, color and texture, as well as your budget.

Additionally, buying flooring when there is a reduced demand can save you money up to 50%. However, you can choose more designs you want at any time of the year.

Lastly, there are different types of flooring you can choose from. Whichever is your choice, you have to make sure that it meets your expectations.

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