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Will You be Jammin’ with Jabra This Holiday Season?

At Jabra they understand what it takes to create best-in-class sound solutions. They do it by delivering improved experiences. These experiences are reflected in products that are engineered for you, therefore giving you what you need for unsurpassed calls and music experience.

Hundreds of hours of research and meticulous engineering go into each Jabra product – that’s why they work smarter and pack in more features than other headphones, headsets and speakerphones on the market. And that’s why Jabra’s often the first to deliver new sound technologies and innovations.

Jabra is part of the GN Group, established almost 150 years ago, and today they’re the only people creating consumer headphones(whireless headphones), professional headsets (noise-cancelling headsets), and hearing aids under one roof. Each product helps you hear more, do more, and be more.

With Jabra, you know that you are getting the best products on the market. They are engineered to be so.

Jabra Move


Jabra Move Wireless provides unrivalled sound quality in the wireless headphone category. Their signature DSP delivers a crisp digital sound that is bound to bring out the true depth and clarity of the music you love. They developed the clean, simple, Scandinavian design of Move Wireless to encompass a powerhouse of sound and functionality. Move Wireless is easy to connect and allows you to leave your phone in your pocket. You can easily control your music and phone calls from your headphones. This is life on the move – the easy way.


  • Jabra’s signature DSP for crisp digital reproduction and high quality call performance in true HD Voice.
  • Ultra-lightweight and adjustable headband fits all head types and has a premuim durable design with stainless steel headband for life on the move that’s tested to the max.
  • Drop 1.5 m, bend 10,000X, and has dirt resistant fabric.
  • Control music and calls directly from the headphones, easy to pair – always in pairing mode, and connects to all Bluetooth ready devices – phones, computers, tablets and more.
  • Comes with an optional cord so you can use your headphones on flights. Up to 8 hours talk time/music time and up to 12 days standby time.


I thought I was in a dream, once I handed my daughter the headphones she was so unbelievably quiet. No more “MOM! I’m hungry!” or “MOM! I’m bored!” simply pure and utter silence.

As much as I am reaping benefits from these headphones, so is my daughter. She now has an excuse when I ask her “Why didn’t you put away the dishes like I asked you?” or “How come you didn’t fold the load of laundry I brought up?” She simply says: “Sorry Mom, I had my Jabras on, I didn’t hear a thing!” HOW CONVENIENT! (Insert dramatic eye roll)



Elite 65t


Enjoy superior sound and voice quality with these Jabra elite wireless headphones. Integrated controls let you answer calls, adjust the volume or pause music with the touch of a button, while the included carrying case doubles as a charging station. External ambient noise keeps you aware of your surroundings, while a Background noise filter delivers crisp, clear voice calls. With Bluetooth connectivity, these Jabra elite wireless headphones are easy to pair to a mobile device.



  • Superior sound with Dual microphone technology in each earbud and true wireless stability to reduce call and music dropouts.
  • Personalize your music with customizable equalizer profiles.
  • Up to 5 hours battery, 15 hours with charging case.
  • One-touch access to Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google now.
  • 4 x digital MEMS microphones with advanced noise cancellation technology.



Being from the era of walkmans, you weren’t considered cool if you didn’t have big headphones with long dangling wires and it’s what I’ve always been used to. However, it really didn’t take long for me to fall in love with these Bluetooth Jabra headphones.

During my bathroom renovation I found it incredibly convenient to be wire free. Moving around, grouting tiles, painting walls would be so much more cumbersome if I had to lug around my phone and move around wires.

I was also really impressed with it’s battery life, I worked a good 4 hours in my bathroom and the headphones never gave out. 


If you’d like to learn more about these products or about Jabra, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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