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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Even though winter is a busy time of year for most of us with festivals, celebrations, and holidays, it’s important that you don’t neglect your house during this time of year. Winter comes with its very own set of winter home maintenance tasks that shouldn’t be ignored!

Fall gives way to winter and if you aren’t on top of your home maintenance, the harsh winter weather can be damaging to your home and property. Today we’re going to talk about some easy home maintenance tasks that you should make sure to get done this year!

Winter Home Maintenance-

  1. Clean your gutters and your downspouts, and make sure your downspouts have plenty of room to drain. If you think your gutters are leaky or clogged, the best thing is to update them. Make sure you choose a good gutter installation company for that. For more information, visit
  2. Check all your outside doors for weather stripping, including your garage doors. This can make all the difference with the inside temperature of your home and can save lots of money on your utility bills.
  3. Check the grading around your house and walkways. This can keep your basement or your foundation dry in case of lots of rain or melting snow.
  4. Pull weeds and hidden debris in and around your yard and flower beds.
  5. Check your appliances and make sure they are in tip-top shape. Getting your dryer fixed in time is important in winter.
  6. Shut off the water taps and make sure all your outdoor taps are drained.
  7. Trim your trees to make sure none of them are hanging over your home. If your tree branches ice over during the winter and become heavy, they could fall on your home.
  8. Mulch any young or vulnerable plants and trees. This can help them survive the harsh winter temperatures.
  9. Pack up or cover all your outdoor furniture and decor. Winter temperatures and precipitation can be harsh on outdoor furniture.
  10. Check all your outdoor lighting to make sure it works. Winter means colder temperatures and less daylight hours!
  11. Make sure any outdoor trash cans or recycling receptacles are easily accessible. No one wants to trudge through ice, slush, or snow to take out the trash!

Following these 10 easy winter home maintenance tips can get you and your home set up for success throughout the rest of the fall and the winter season. 

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