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Younique with Rikki Lenahan

About the company : 
Younique is a direct sales company that sells high-quality makeup, without all of the the harmful chemicals or animal testing that most makeup brands use.   Their quality can be compared to big-brand names like MAC and Urban Decay.  The company is known for the 3D fiber plus mascara that makes natural lashes look like they’re enhanced with falsies – when they’re not.  The fibers are made of green tea so they’re healthy!  Beware of copy-cat companies! 

About the items I received : 
So, I have a little story to tell.   I heard about Younique maybe 2 months ago.  I fell in love  right after I reviewed the 3D fiber lash mascara.   I slowly started trying more of their products, l like eye shadow pigments, BB cream and eye liners.  

Rikki and I found each other through facebook, and she asked if I would like to try their lip stain for a review.  I said yes, but I’m honest – and I hadn’t had good experiences with lip stain before.   As you may already know, i’m a huge skeptic when I try new products, especially of companies that I have barely heard of before.  I didn’t believe that this stuff would last all day like it was claimed to do. I didn’t believe that it wouldn’t dry my lips out like those other lip stains I had tried.  

I put the lip stain on the minute I got home, then ate dinner. That was the test! Dinner time.  Well, it lasted all throughout dinner,  and until the next morning.
*bad me, I forgot to wash my face that night* 
Now, this lip stain is my go-to daily lip wear.  Even if i’m just cleaning up around the house in my sweats – I put the lip stain on for a boost of confidence.   I love the red, and I truly believe that this is a red EVERYONE can rock.  



To get your own lip stain, or any other amazing Younique products please contact Rikki : 
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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I just adore Youniqe’s Mascara!

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