Ziplock Zip’n Steam Bags

i recently bought a package of the Ziplock Zip n’ Seam bags and i must say I AM IMPRESSED!!

i was abit doughtfull of this product at first. i had it sitting in my cupboard for about a week before i decided to try it. so last week i was making veggies to go with our diner and realized i had these bags that i havent tryed yet. I cut up some potatoes and carrots (i sliced them about the same size as i usualy would if i was boiling them)
poped them into one of the Zip n’ Steam bags and poped it into the mocrowave for about 10 minutes. after the 10 mintues was done. i let the bag sit in there for a few more minutes while i was preparing other things. i go and get the bag out of the microwave put them into a bowl and poked at them with a fork to see if they were actualy cooked. and surprisingly.. they were!!
i added some butter and some spices and voila!! they were very juicy and delicious. Even the kids liked them. they were asking for more veggies even after they were all gone!
it only took 10 minutes to cook veggies that would usualy take me 30mins + to cook in water.

I am very impressed with ziplock Zip n’ Steam bags and i will be deffinetly buying them from now on :D
i give this product a 5/5

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