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3 Ways to Repair a Damaged Sewer Line

A sewage line connects your home’s drain lines to the city’s primary sewer system. If you live in the suburb and don’t have basic contemporary plumbing, your sewer line may be flowing underground. The underground installation of this piping component shields it from harm for the most part. Yet, they can be time-consuming and expensive to repair when problems occur.


When it comes to gaining access to the drainage system for repair or replacement, you have several options. Continue reading to discover the several sewer damage repair and replacement choices available.


Traditional Dig and Repair Method

Before the arrival of technology and advanced approaches, traditional ways of accessing the main drain pipe for replacement or repair service required excavating the sewer line throughout the whole stretch of the drain line’s total length. Sewer lines can have a depth ranging from 12 inches to more than 10 feet, based on the depth of the city’s sewer line and whether or not the sloping of the land necessitates that it should be run quite deep.


Pipe depths can range from 18 to 30 inches in moderate climates and sometimes up to 5 feet in colder climes. In temperate climates, pipes can be as deep as 18 inches. Including in temperate areas, if a town or neighborhood has deeper sewer mains, it is common for a pipe to be deeper than average.


The dig and remove method might be expensive and time-consuming, but it is necessary for some plumbing problems. This procedure is the most effective for gaining access to lines that have sustained substantial or extensive damage. The integrity of extremely old and broken zips is compromised, making it impossible to use optional methods such as relining.


In some cases, digging and changing pipes that are barely below the ground and need just a small amount of digging to reach them can be less costly than digging and installing them. Remember that this technique is ideally suited for spaces that do not have any impediments, such as neighboring fences, landscaping and buildings that could interfere with the excavation site.


Trenchless No-Dig Repair Method

There are two primary forms of trenchless drain repair. These include pipe bursting and pipe lining:


Pipe Bursting Sewer Line Repair

Pipe bursting is often the most effective drain repair and drainage system replacement solution. Trenchless repair is more efficient because it eliminates any need to dig up to repair.


This technique of sewage system repair requires only two small access holes plus the use of sophisticated equipment which moves inside the broken pipeline to complete the job. The device breaks the pipe into the surrounding soil then pulls through a new and more durable substitute line to replace it. The procedures involved are quick, causing little disruption. They are designed to minimize downtime.


Pipe Lining for Sewer Pipe Repair

The pipe lining technique is an effective solution for sewer lines that are only slightly damaged. Pipe lining is like the pipe bursting method in that it does not require access through an open hole. Instead, your current line remains buried as the plumbers replace it with the inflatable tube. While inside the pipe, the tube pushes against its interior, leaving behind a thin coat of epoxy which later hardens to form a permanent seal. The plumber then removes the line from the body.


Pipe lining is a technique that uses polyethylene and other durable plastics that are corrosion resistant. They can also be resistant to freezing temperatures and rust. Since pipe lining completely fills a drain line with epoxy, there aren’t seams or joints to allow for deterioration. Trenchless methods like drain lining, as opposed to dig and replace, are more efficient, less expensive, and significantly less harmful to the environment.


Whenever you require a trusted sewer damage repair, consult with a professional who will conduct a detailed check and survey of your home to determine the most effective method of repairing your property’s damaged drain pipe.

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    Its interesting when you said that the most effective drain repair and drainage system replacement solution is pipe bursting. The pipe in my kitchen is leaking and smelling and my mom told me to call a plumber for help. I look forward into hiring a professional plumber to help me fix my pipe or sewer problem. Thanks so much for the article!

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