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Making the Most of Your Space in a Busy Family Home

When you have children, your home isn’t your own anymore. It becomes a bustling hub of family affairs. Little ones crawling about floors, toddlers falling left, right and center, teens stomping up and down stairs and endless friends coming around for tea and playdates. Besides the numerous people taking up space in your home, kids come with a surprising amount of belongings. Even newborns have an array of toys, clothes and teddy bears. So how can you reclaim some of your space and make your home look like the large, airy living space it once was? Here are a few ideas.

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Mirrors are renowned for making small spaces look much larger. Especially large ones. They reflect light, making spaces look brighter and clearer at the same time as making your room look twice the size through the reflection. Fit wall mirrors in all of the main living spaces in your home to give the illusion of extra spacious comfort.


Effective storage solutions can make all the difference when it comes to creating clear floor space. When you have children, it is essential. There are so many options available that there will certainly be something that best fits your space and design. If your interior is an irregular shape, you can have custom shelves and cupboards fitted. This is especially ideal for loft conversions with jagged angled ceilings. For toys, invest in a large, sturdy toy chest. Plastic storage boxes often break under the weight of endless action figures and board games. A sturdy wooden chest will last years and will have sufficient space for most bits and bobs. If your kids are into reading, get a low-level bookshelf. This will mean that they can access their stories easily, without attempting to climb shelves, but books will also remain neatly stored. If you find your home spilling over with soft toys, check out hanging baskets where they can be tucked up safe and sound.

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Color Schemes

You might not think that the color of your walls can affect the size of your room. Technically, they can’t, but the color of your rooms can dramatically affect how big or small they appear to be. Go for a light color scheme. Creams, whites and lighter tones give the illusion of more space. Darker, more rich shades, on the other hand, have a cave-like effect, making spaces appear small, enclosed and stuffy. If you do like a bit of color and don’t want to stay completely neutral, you can always brighten things up with bright accessories like cushions, lampshades, and rugs.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Choose multipurpose furniture to save on space. A good example would be an ottoman that can also function as a small coffee table and an extra small seat too. This is one piece of furniture that can save space by acting as three.

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Place Furniture Wisely

Most of us are tempted to place furniture directly next to the wall. This could be considered to create and open space in the middle but it actually has the effect of making a room appear enclosed. Don’t be afraid to place certain pieces of furniture, such as coffee tables and chairs in the middle of the room.

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