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How to Win Playing Online Slots: 7 Tips that Work

Slots are the most popular games at most gaming websites. They are also casinos’ primary money makers. That means although they are incredibly popular, not everyone who plays them wins.

It’s the nature of these games. They use special RNG software to determine when people win and lose. As a player, your primary goal is to increase your odds of winning. But how do you increase your odds in a game of chance? Try these seven tips.

Choose High RTP Slots

Most slots look the same. But in many cases, they are not. Some games payout more often than others. And these are the machines you want to play. Cause you have better odds of winning playing a high-RTP slot than a low-RTP game.

Generally speaking, online slots have a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 90% to 99%. Choose games with an RTP of over 95% and you’ll have the best odds of hitting a jackpot. So, how do you discover a machine’s payout rate?

Most slots have a publicly available RTP. Developers share this information with casinos and gaming sites share it with players. Is there any way of verifying a slot’s RTP? License providers like the Malta Gaming Authority and independent auditor like eCOGRA have the tools necessary to verify games’ RTP.

That said, here’s an overview of the best paying online slots.

1. Mega Joker—99%
2. Ugga Bugga—99%
3. 1429 Uncharted Seas—98.6%
4. Jackpot 6000—98%
5. Blood Suckers—98%

Use the Best Slot Sites

This might come as a surprise but you have better odds of winning slots at some casinos than others. Let’s start with website and app maintenance. The best operators have neat, responsive websites that provide a smooth gaming experience 24/7. 

In contrast, some companies have unresponsive games and sites that crash often. So, imagine if the site went down just when you were about to win. If the operator doesn’t care about players, you could lose your stake and profits in that game.

The best casinos also give you free spins to play slots often. That way, you can play these games longer and increase your chances of winning. Check this page for a list of top-rated Canadian slot sites. As mentioned, you’ll most likely receive a welcome bonus to play slots and other games.

Know about Variance

Variance is the frequency at which a slot machine pays out. Some games help you win small amounts regularly. Others let you win decent amounts at moderate rates. In contrast, some machines payout huge amounts scarcely.

So, do you prefer small regular wins or large irregular hits? Because your goals should also influence your slot choices. If you want to win at slots often, pick a low-RTP slot like NetEnt’s Mega Joker.

It’s a simple game with fruits and bars as symbols and you can bet as little as ten cents. Yet it’s one of the best-rated games out there. That’s because it pays out frequently, sometimes generous amounts.

In contrast, choose a high-variance game like Pink Elephant 2 by Thunderstruck 2. Armed with free spins, multipliers and reel enhancer, this game is designed to give you the ultimate slot machine ride. It pays irregularly but you could win up to 10,000x your stake.

Maximize your Bets

Winning at slots requires a robust strategy. First, you must choose a high-paying game and play it at a top-rated casino. Then you need to maximize your wagers so that when you win, you walk away with decent money.

Let’s use an illustration. You bet $1 on a slot thirty times and hit a 50x multiplier on your lucky spin. You’ll win $50 and make a $20 profit. 

Now picture this. You bet $5 thirty times and hit a win with 50x multiplier. You’ll have spent $150 but win $250. You’ll have a $100 profit after your gaming session. 

Of course, you might not have the money to bet large amounts at all times. But no matter your budget, strive to increase than to lower your wagers. With small bets, you can play for long. But they don’t help you win as much as bigger bets,

Choose Best-Rated Slots

Slots are simple and complicated games. They are straightforward to play. But winning can be complicated. A game could have free spins, multipliers and other features meant to help you win, but you still might not win.

The best way to identify a “hot slot” is to find out what games other people like. A game with positive reviews from multiple players is worth checking out. That’s because most casino players are honest. And they will praise high-paying games and also share their stories with “cold slots.”

Online reviews are particularly crucial when choosing relatively unpopular slots. You might not have friends who’ve played games from Elk Studios. But you only need to check reviews to discover which slot from the company players like the most.

Exploit Free Spins and Bonuses

Remember how we said you can get bonuses at some casinos? These offers are optional but you should exploit them to the maximum. There’s one caveat, though: Only choose free spins with impressive terms and conditions.

In other words, compare bonuses from different casinos and choose the best. Then use these free spins to play top-paying slots. Bonuses let you spin the reels of a slot without depleting your cash balance.

As such, any losses you make don’t affect your cash balance. However, your wins are counted as money and can be withdrawn. 

With that in mind, some slots also offer free spins mid-game. You must trigger specific features to earn them. However, finding and using free spins from slots is an excellent way to increase your odds of winning.

Your Turn

Slots are games of chance, so you can’t use skills to win. Despite that, you can increase your odds by using some of the tips shared above. Prefer high-RTP slots and maximize your bets. Play top-rated games and play them at the best casino sites.

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