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3 Ways to Save Your Marriage


Relationships are a tricky thing, marriages even more so. For some people, they can get by a 30-year marriage sailing smoothly through the ups and downs without batting an eyelid, but for others, it can be a struggle. No matter which type of marriage you’re in, if there is a problem, it should be fixed, and not ignored, or else just like most broken things small cracks can become much larger ones over time.


It is not the best feeling to find out that things are not working out in one’s marriage and also possibly the worse thing for any marriage to fail, for some people it is the only thing that is keeping them going in life, being with a partner whom they love and the children they have had with them. Not to mention the failing situation can affect children, both mentally and emotionally as well. 


The good news is, it can be repaired. With some, it may take longer while others can sort it out in a very short time. It will depend on a few different things and this is what this article is about – a few ways to save your marriage before it gets worse or ends. So, let’s see how we can get things back on track, shall we? 


Fixing A Marriage In A few Simple Ways


Schedule A Discussion. Some psychologists state that the main thing to do in any partnership is to align and admit the things that are affecting the relationship for both parties. This recommended read can tell you more. If you put time aside to speak about it between the two of you, you can come to realize things you probably never knew about each others perspective.


Discussing how you feel, and pointing out things that each of you thinks does not work or hinders the relationship, can be a good step to take in the right direction. Without being aggressive or letting your emotions get the best of you when you deliberate things like grown adults you may never know the cause of the faults, and it could be something as simple as miscommunication or a false idea of the other person. 


It is well worth trying this approach first before involving any other professionals, however, if you see that this will not work out for either party, then it would be better to ask an expert to intervene and offer some non-biased advice to help recover things between the two of you.


One key component in this is to learn how to express your concerns in a non-destructive manner. There are a few pointers that many psychologists recommend regarding how to do this, and additional ones can be found here too: Five of these have been included below, and you can start doing this today:


1. My apprehension or concern is…
2. I feel… sad or upset (use one word to describe how you feel)
3. After you have suggested something, you could ask – How do you feel about that, or How does that make you feel?
4. You could even ask, what are your thoughts about this or, on that?
5. I would like to, and never use “I would like you to…”



Reflection from Both Parties. This has also been a reoccurring advisable thing to do. When you identify the things that may have caused the marriage to fail or be damaged, it can have a greater positive impact. It’s about playing open cards. Look at a few things individually, such as, was it a lack of communication, or infidelity, perhaps a lack of affection or care from the side, or it may even be a crisis which has caused things to get shaken up. 


Strengthening the connection between the two people is one way of getting back into a positive space and avoiding repetitive conflict. Many have heard this but we will mention is again, a lack of communication and cheating on one another, are two of the primary reasons why a partnership of any kind will fail. There is always an underlying reason for everything and tapping into that is one of the best things you can do for yourselves. 


Using an Outside Source. There are tons of different options to help you, which one can seek from outside sources as well. We are firm believers in seeking help via a route other than yourselves, friends, or family members. This is because those that you know may have a biased opinion about the issues and may or may not give you the best advice at all times.


Seeking help via something like a program that is geared to save your marriage can help significantly because these are usually put together by experts with years of experience, and using a few organized steps, can help you and your partner within no time. Joining a program also enables you to look at things objectively. It makes you see things that may have been clouded by emotions such as judgment, anger, hate, jealousy, to name a few. 


More than anything, joining a specific marriage mending program starts by undoing the direction those in the relationship are going in and help them start from scratch. Just like when they first met each other and fell in love. There are proven methods involved in these projects that have helped many people in past and present situations, and the best motivator in anything is proof. They help people handle any conflicts in a mature and well-defined way, aiding towards a successful outcome. 


If the two of you cannot fix the marriage yourselves, there is never anything wrong with getting outside help such as this, which can be done in the comfort of your own homes. Only those that are serious about repairing things will try everything they possibly can to save it. It depends on the individuals to continue to live in hate and anger, or to go back to loving and caring for each other, which ultimately is what a marriage and partnership should be about, it is a team effort.

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