Keeping Your Kids Occupied On Your Summer Vacation

Are you all set for your summer vacation? The arrangements are set, your wardrobe is chosen and the countdown is on. Finally, the chance to relax after months and months of hard work.



Your summer vacation is a great time to make special memories with the family, but it can soon turn to disaster if cabin fever sinks in. Keeping the kids happy is important, so finding them things to do is essential for a good vacation for all.


Need some ideas to get you started? Here are some ideas for keeping your kids occupied on your summer vacation.

Give up your phone

Letting the kids play games on your phone offers a win-win situation. They get the chance to play the Final Fantasy 15 mobile game and play with other apps and games, while you can fully switch-off and leave your texts, emails and social media notifications behind. Just make sure they can’t purchase any add-ons or you’ll be faced with a hefty bill!

Enrol them in a kid’s club

Many resorts will have an on-site kids club, which is perfect for keeping your children entertained during the day. Kids get to take part in various activities supervised by qualified, enthusiastic staff, while parents get to relax and enjoy themselves by the pool or by visiting the local sights. Kids clubs are a price worth paying for peace and quiet, and some resorts might even offer them for free!

Set them challenges

Give your kids some challenges to carry out each day. From swimming a certain number of lengths in the pool to running a certain distance, there’s a lot you can do to keep them occupied. It might take some planning in advance, but it’ll be great to hand them something to do so they don’t end up bored and complaining.

Encourage them to read

Reading is a good way to keep the kids busy, they’ll learn a lot and it’ll keep them quiet! There are some great books for children and young adults out at the moment which will be sure to keep them entertained. A Kindle or other kind of e-reader is a great investment for vacations, providing a lot of great books at their fingertips. Reading is the perfect way to relax on vacation and can help them tire out a bit before bed too.

Plan days away from the resort

While it’s great to relax and chill by the pool, it can start to feel repetitive and a bit dull after a few days, especially for children. Break up your vacation with visits to nearby towns, attractions, theme parks and water parks as a way to keep them excited and to give the whole family something to do.


After a successful family vacation, you’ll be wanting to book another. See if you can save money on your next vacation and plan another perfect getaway with your family. It can feel like a long time waiting for summer, so now that it’s here be sure to make the most of it.

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