How To Prepare The Kids For Back to School Time

The long summer vacation is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to really bond with your kids and make the most of them. Although it can be stressful, especially if one or both parents work, it can also be a fun time and something that creates memories to cherish. When it is drawing to an end, however, there are some important things to bear in mind to ensure that your children are ready to head back to school and start a new year with energy and excitement.


The Sleep Routine

Throughout the summer vacation, it’s likely that the routine you were in before the end of the last semester has completely disappeared, especially when it comes to bedtime. The kids are most likely going to bed much later than they normally would because they can sleep in later. They might be watching more TV or using their games consoles later, for example. As it gets closer to back to school time, parents will need to start bringing the old routine back again. Otherwise, the kids will be tired and grumpy when school starts.

Begin slowly a couple of weeks before the start of the new school year and gradually make bedtime earlier and earlier until you’re back at their usual time.

Shop For School Supplies

Although it doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing you can do together, a trip to the store to pick up school supplies can be fun, and it makes the idea of going back to school much more concrete – both you and your children will understand that it’s coming and that you all need to be prepared. Let the kids pick out their own supplies and get them to pack their bags so that everything is ready; it will help them to adjust to the idea of going back, plus it gives them some responsibility.


Get A Homework Station Ready

Kids will be given homework, and no matter what your opinion of this practice is if they have it, they need to do it. This could be quite a shock after weeks and weeks of not doing any work at all, but if you prepare a dedicated homework station with a desk, equipment, perhaps a computer or tablet, then it will make things easier. Remember that this station should be somewhere peaceful and quiet where there aren’t any distractions, but you’ll also potentially need to be on hand in case your help is needed, plus you should never let young children on the internet by themselves, so supervision will be needed. Secure Data Recovery has some great tips on how to stay safe online to help you out.


Make A Screen Time Rule

As you draw closer to school time starting again, a screen time rule will need to come into force. As with the bedtime routine, start changing things a few weeks before school begins so that you’re at a level you are comfortable with by the first day of the new semester. The amount of screen time you allow your kids will depend on their age and what they are doing online, so it is always going to be your own personal choice.

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