4 Useful Gadgets and Electronics that Will Also Make Your Home Look Great

We have entered the new age of technology where gadgets are no longer clunky, ugly things. Instead, they are now as powerful and functional as they are beautiful. On that note, here are four pieces of electronics that will fit into this list perfectly, as they are useful and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

The Wallpaper OLED TV

LG’s new range of wallpaper OLED TVs are nothing short of stunning and are beautiful enough to leave you awestruck, irrespective of who you are. The TV sits absolutely flush with the wall and there’s just a single wire that connects it to the separate speaker bar. When the jaw-droppingly realistic 65-inch 4K OLED display shows you an ultra-high definition image, it is hard to believe that it isn’t a window or a painting that we are looking at, but only a TV. The only problem with this television is that the price is enough to stun people even more than the actual product!


Dancing LED Water Speakers

The world is going crazy for smart speakers released by the likes of Google and Amazon, but in truth, their functionality is still quite limited and there are options which not only sound better but actually look quite gorgeous. The dancing water speakers with LED lighting are a superb choice because it’s hard not to love something that plays your favourite music while making water and light dance to each and every beat in your drawing room. All this comes at a more affordable price as well.


The Nest Thermostat

While there has been a lot of smart thermostats since Nest first entered the market, nothing looks quite as beautiful as this circular temperature controller. The Nest will keep your home from getting too hot or too cold and will look fabulous while doing so! It is a matter of debate whether there are better options available or not in terms of functionality, but when it comes to combining aesthetics with usefulness, the Nest is unbeatable. If it breaks for whatever reason, it might be a good idea to consult with ac repair englewood nj so you can improve your understanding of how to prevent the break in the future and return your home to an enjoyable tempurature.


Smart Lights

Nothing affects people’s moods in a house more than the indoor lighting. Smart lights can take aesthetics and mood lighting to the next level. For example, a smart light will automatically turn itself down in your child’s room as it gets closer to bedtime, or they can be programmed in such a way that the lights adjust themselves according to the available natural light in the room. This minimizes the electricity bill but also makes your home look uniformly bright everywhere at the same time. Philips is probably the best way to go here, but feel free to do your own research first.

No smartphones, laptops or tablets were included in the list because they are not exactly home electronics, but personal devices. Keep in mind that the four gadgets mentioned here aren’t meant to replace classic wall art, vases, or any other traditional decorative objects, but are actually meant to compliment them perfectly, creating a beautiful mix of tradition and technology.

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