Top Easy Electric Smoker Recipes

Look who’s arriving? Yay! Monsoon it is! How amazing it is to grab some hot food and enjoy in chilling weather! Food is tastier if it is smoked hot! The very first thing that strikes into the mind when heard “hot and smoky” is an electrical smoker.

As the Masterbuilt electric smoker is affordable and easy to run, it comes handy and fits into a budget of medium range. Actually, this can be the best option for amateurs to start with. So here are scrumptious as well as easy electric smoker recipes to kick start monsoon in a foodie manner. Make sure you keep these jaw dripping recipes handy.

Lob”star” of the show: How can anyone say no to a dish that is super easy, super tasty and super quick to prepare? First of all, you have to melt the butter in a pan and after that add finely chopped garlic cloves. Sprinkle this on the lobster and place it on an electric smoker and grill on medium temperature. Well, won’t you like to explore Electricsmokercenter.Com in order to pick the best Masterbuilt electric smoker for your home?

Applewood chicken: One must definitely try this utterly butterly mouth-watering applewood smoked chicken prepared with garlic, smoky paprika, and brown sugar and many other spices which serves as a perfect meal.

Yummy Salmon: Done with the starters. Time for some yummy main course! This dish can be prepared in 2 hours! This is high in protein and can be added to morning snack list. First, marinate the salmon and debone. Take a bowl and add maple syrup, chilly, sea salt, lemon pepper, garlic powder, pepper, and water. Coat the salmon with this mixture and refrigerate it. Then dry it (if necessary) and grill the salmon by placing on the electric smoker and get ready to hog the tastiest food ever!

Tasty turkey: First, brine the turkey to make it more juicy and moist. Pat and massage the turkey, then, on a low flame, smoke the turkey on an electric smoker greasing butter to retain the moisture. It is done! This is far different from the stereotypical dry oven baked Turkey. It is amazingly yummy for a tummy!

“Corn”ival: Grill the corn by applying some butter and spice it up with a mouth-watering combination of spices such as pepper and salt, chilli powder or any as such. This could be a perfect start for the meals.

“Egg”ceptionally delicious: Place the boiled and peeled eggs on the electric smoker for about 30 minutes. Allow them to cool, and after that, slice them vertically and scoop out the yolk. Squeeze it and mix it with mustard, hot sauce, pepper, salt, vinegar and any other spices and place it on the boiled egg whites. Top it up with scallions, paprika, bacon or any as such. Ready to gobble! 

These were some of the amazing and palatable electric smoker recipes that you can make easily at home. So, now what are you waiting for, just grab an electric smoker and set off to make tempting food.

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