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5 common gambling mistakes you might be making

Gambling is a fun way of spending time. Some games require pure luck where all you need to do is click to spin the wheel and wait for the -hopefully winning- outcome, such as slot machines. Other games also require a certain level of skill and intelligence, for example, poker games. But regardless of the game type, there are a few mistakes people can make when gambling which they might regret later on. So before you make your next visit to the casino, we’ll go through these 5 common pitfalls of gambling and how you can easily avoid them:

1. Playing games you don’t understand

We get it, so many games seem very tempting to play and you cannot wait to try them out. But when it comes to new games that you don’t understand yet, it is best to wait before you start to play for real money on these. Some casinos in Canada offer a no deposit bonus and let you keep what you win. We’d say it is a good idea to take advantage of such a no deposit bonus. This way, you can explore a casino and some new games without risking losing your own money. And who knows, you might win some money out of it which is totally yours to keep!

Alternatively, you can try out new games simply by not being logged into your online casino account. You can usually test any game you wish, with the exception of live casino games. And of course, every game also has an explanation about how you should play it. Be sure to read through these guides so you get the hang of each game you want to play.

We understand that this is a little trickier in a brick and mortar casino. Usually, you cannot test the games for free before spending your money. Therefore, be sure to play with tiny amounts of money until you fully understand the game.

2. Gambler’s fallacy

A common misconception is thinking that a slot machine has a memory. ”I’ve been playing this slot machine for a while now so it will certainly payout soon.’’ is a phrase you often hear in casinos. This is known as the gambler’s fallacy. But since slot machines all operate by utilizing the RNG (Random Number Generator), the outcome is programmed by an algorithm in a microchip which makes it impossible to predict the result of a round. In other words, every single game round is a new game round and the outcome is completely incidental. You can compare it with tossing a coin. It might be heads for ten times in a row and the next round can either be heads or tails. A coin doesn’t have a memory so the outcome is totally random, just like a slot machine.

3. Having unrealistic expectations

It is absolutely possible you’ll become the next winner of the Mega Moolah jackpot in a Canadian online casino. The long list of lucky Canadian winners is proof of this. But you should realize that the chances of winning are pretty slim. And you certainly shouldn’t count on winning the big hit. Doing so will impact your decision-making and could lead to poor choices.

Even if you are not playing games based on pure luck but you choose games that require a certain skill, such as blackjack or poker, a certain portion of luck is involved in those games as well. You might be a veteran blackjack player with years of experience but if the cards are against you, you’ll lose the game anyway. Therefore, set realistic goals for yourself and enjoy your gambling sessions.

4. Having a selective memory

We often memorize the situations that confirm our ideas. We can fool ourselves in several ways because of this, for example timewise. If we’ve won during a round, we can think this júst happened while in reality, this was only our first round playing. We tend to suppress all rounds that are lost which happened after that first winning round. Fortunately, most casinos in Canada offer tools in which you can help set limits and time-checks to keep yourself playing sensibly.

5. Not managing money properly – Chasing losses

Nobody likes to lose in the game. But unfortunately, chances of losing are higher than those of winning. Some people try to recoup their losses, though, and this might become dangerous. Losing is unfortunately part of the game and people should only play with money they can afford to lose.

This goes hand in hand by having poor bankroll management, which could also lead to a few regrets. It is best to determine a certain budget for yourself before you start playing and be sure to stick to it. It is good to know that all legit online casinos in Canada can help you with this and offer a deposit limit in your player account. You can set any amount you wish per day, week or month. This ensures that you will play within your limits at all times.

In a land-based casino, it is unfortunately not possible to set a deposit limit for yourself. But something you can do to prevent you from spending more than you’d planned on, is bringing only cash to the casino. Make sure to only bring the exact amount you wish to play with to the casino and you’ll avoid overspending.

Keeping these tips in mind, we are sure your next visit to the casino will be a pleasant and entertaining experience!

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