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Canadian Mom Reviews – Our Mission & Our Goals

What is Canadian Mom Reviews? What is our Mission? Our goals for the blog? Why? 


We at Canadian Mom Reviews know the difficulties of buying items for your children, or families in general, without knowing any background information on the product.  Would you buy a car seat for your infant on a whim? Probably not.  We strive to give you honest and informational reviews and articles to help inform you.  

Our goal for this blog is to become a name families know and trust.  For parents registering for their baby shower, in the middle of Babies R Us to say “I don’t know about that item, let me go see what Canadian Mom Reviews has to say about it”.   For companies to trust that we’ll give our readers the most information possible while holding true to our standards and morals.  

We also want to provide satire articles, where you can click on after a hard day at work and have a laugh.  Recipes that you can make for your family, and even information on how to care for your furriest 4-legged children.  

We are a family friendly blog, who occasionally drinks too much wine, loves cats a little too much, and has some good grown-up fun.  

We recently launched “Ask Mom” over on our Facebook page where readers can send in questions they would like posted anonymously,  and have advice from other readers in real-time.  We think this will be beneficial and stand with our goal of having Canadian Mom Reviews be a household name.  Our blog is full of information, and now our Facebook page will be no different – just more personal on a person-to-person level.   

Why? Because we know the value of a dollar.  We want to help our readers choose right the first time, and not have to waste their money or time.  

If you have a suggestion on an item you think we should review, or an article topic you’d like us to write about, feel free to message us on Facebook.

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