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Chin hairs – Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin

Ladies, have you felt something wiry and strange when rubbing your chin?  You go to look at what it is in the mirror and there it is!  A BIG thick whisker staring back at you!  At first, you think it’s just a stray hair that managed to get on your chin, so you start swiping at your face like there’s a bug or something – trying to remove that hair. But nope! It won’t fall off, its stuck there. You come to realize it’s a chin hair. 

As you reach for the tweezers to get this thing out, you start wondering; how long has it been there? Has anyone noticed? OMG – What about that cute guy that took my order at the coffee shop this morning, did he notice?! 

You find your tweezers, bring them to your chin and so many more thoughts come rushing through your head! 

1-2-3 pull! Finally, you get that little mother plucker out and you start inspecting the rest of your chin – Phew, that was the only one!   

Raise your hand if this is you! A lot of us women get those annoying little chin hairs that grow for no apparent reason.   They just show up one day like “Hi, I’m here to annoy the shit out of you”. 

Ladies, I feel your pain – I am in my early 30’s and have had a few of those little suckers.  They just grow out of nowhere. One day there’s nothing, and the next you see this long thick (what looks to be a few inches long) black hair protruding from your chin.  How do they grow so fast?!  


Why must my body hate me so much to grow unwanted hairs on my chin?! I’m 31 freaking-years-old, why must my body do this to me?!  It’s just a matter of time now till I find one of those unwanted nipple hairs, isn’t it…ISN’T IT!? 

My fellow ladies, let’s stand together and pluck those little suckers! Just pluck it! 

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