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Choose your dream apartment in 7 steps

Author:Ines Marinho

Living by yourselfit is astep that sooner or later will happen in your life, whether youwant it or not. Usually, most of the human beings want to have asense of ‘freedom’ and leave their parents’ house so they canstart a new life away from the nest. Choosing a house and thinkingabout all the procedures is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

Youwant to take advantage of most of the things and leave the negativeaspects away. Renting an apartment is commonly the first step topeople who are trying to reach independence. The commitment of buyinga house just seems too much for a start or they even prefer to buy asimple flat instead of a house. Fair enough.

However,wither you are buying a house or renting an apartment, there are afew recommendable steps you should take in consideration. It might beeasy to lose track of so many details, so here is a guide to findingan ideal apartment for you.

  1. Focusing on the location

Locationis possibly the most important aspect to consider when committing toa property. You are probably looking to be near your job, schools,supermarkets, and family. Make sure that the place you are staying inthe future also has some good public transportation and it is easy towalk to places.

All of this if you want to be in the area of public services, if the goal is being alone, in peace and far from the civilization, then choose according to that. Take into account traffic areas and rush hours. A place only fifteen minutes away from your working place might take double in the mornings and evenings.

2. Finding the desired layout

It is crucial to determine whether a layout will work or not with your lifestyle. In the same complex, spaces have a handful of varied styles all with the same square footage. Choose the one that fits your needs. If you work from home, make sure you have an office or if you like to receive friends at home, keep an eye for big entertainment areas.

3. Making an evaluation of the space

During the apartment visit notice if the place needs to be painted, if the stove is old, if there are visible damages, how many plugs are available, if there are electricity cables without safety isolation. These are a few examples of things that might concern you. In case of something damaged, ask for the landlord to note it as well.

4. Considering the amenities

Whatare the most important things for you: parking space, a garage, ashared gym or garden? Make sure to get this information before youdecide to move in. Inform also yourself about pets, building costs,utilities, and cable services.

These are all important tidbits to take into account when you consider the number you are spending each month.

5. Can you really afford it?

This is a big issue, everyone. You should think reasonable about your choice according to your possibilities. There is no sense in living above your limits and struggle each month to reach the next salary. Before you sign a lease, compare neighboring properties. Is the price similar to other rentals in the area? If it is slightly more expensive, does it include amenities that make it worth it to go above a cheaper price? Think about all the possibilities to have a backup in case something happens with your job and if you have savings or enough guarantees that make you able to afford the apartment and all it requires. Never test the limits, play humble and according to your reality.

6. Moving quickly

Properties come and go quickly. When you start your rental search, be ready to move fast. When you find the spot that speaks to your heart, it might be safer to move as fast as possible before someone else takes it. Have some moving plans made before you begin searching for an apartment.

7. Reading carefully the contract

Any football player signing for a new team needs to sign a contract and it means a lot for the athlete. When you get a new apartment you will also sign a contract and, even if you are not aspiring to be the NFL MVP of 2019, you still need to make sure you read all the lines, so you agree with everything.

Onceyou found the right place that suits you the most, make sure to readthe fine print on the lease. These include amenities, additionalfees, and previous damages. The lease term and the monthly paymentsshould be clearly stated.

Beforeyou sign, be certain all is clear for you. After this, hold the penfirmly and sign for a new step in your life.

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