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E-Cigarettes May Drag Teens into Conventional Smoking

In recent years, e-cigarettes have become popular among teens in both middle school and high school. Some surveys have indicated that, in 2018, there were more than 3.6 million kids using e-cigs. Furthermore, teens who use e-cigarettes don’t generally display traits such as impulsiveness or behavioral problems, which are, however, seen in teens who smoke traditional cigarettes.

Frequent advertisements, peer pressure, and the availability of e-cigarettes are some of the reasons cited for attracting teens to e-cigarettes. Also, U.S public health experts state that using e-cigarettes with nicotine result in addiction, which tempts teens into traditional smoking. As much as it is argued that using e-cigarettes is not a bridge to conventional tobacco smoking, advocates still insist that teens addicted to nicotine may be enticed to tobacco cigarettes in the long run. 

Research shows that teens who are “dual users,” meaning those who smoke both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, face numerous risk factors, unlike those who neither smoke traditional cigarettes nor e-cigarettes. However, unlike “dual users,” those who use e-cigarettes only were somehow aware of the risks.

Debate n E-Cigarettes

An e-cigarette, also known as an electronic cigarette, is a handheld vaporizer gadget that provides nicotine to its user through an aerosol vapor. The act of using these devices is called vaping. Lately, e-cigs have been hotly debated, with some experts citing that they could help hard tobacco smokers tackle the habit by providing a low-risk nicotine-delivery system close to that of nicotine gum or patches.

Even though e-cigs, which are readily available on ePuffer, can help a smoker quit, its use has skyrocketed among adults and teens. One survey found out that there are 11 million American adults currently using e-cigs, with more than half of those being below the age of 35. It was also observed that the number of high school kids who have tried e-cigarettes has risen from 10 percent to 18 percent.

The risk factors of smoking cigarettes among teens have been rebelliousness, impulsiveness, poor academic performance, and a high number of school dropouts. In major areas, like Hawaii in the United States, e-cigs are a better option since they are cheaper, whereas traditional cigarettes are excessively taxed. To lure teens into vaping, tobacco companies are manufacturing liquid nicotine with different flavors such as pineapple, mango, and strawberry. 

Is Vaping the Key to Traditional Smoking?

According to a reputable journal, factors such as less parental support and living with parents who smoke are some of the predisposing conditions that can entice teens into smoking e-cigarettes. Moreover, the journal indicated that 45 percent of teens are used to vaping and were more than willing to try traditional cigarettes. This may not demonstrate exactly whether vaping is the key to conventional smoking, but the use of e-cigarettes itself is a concern, as it contains nicotine.

The addictive nature of nicotine will most likely tempt teens into trying tobacco cigarettes, hence resulting in short- and long-term effects in a teen’s brain. 

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