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Could You Use a Cosmetic Dental Procedure? If These Apply The Answer is Yes!

You were fortunate enough to have teeth that were straight and looked great for a long time. In fact, your teeth are still straight, but they could use some attention. Brushing, flossing, and cleaning will only accomplish so much. Now is the time to look into some options for Vaughan cosmetic dentistry and see what can be done. Here are some situations that definitely call for some type of cosmetic work.

Your Teeth Can’t Pass the Tissue Test

The tissue test is something that you can do at home with ease. Take a look in the bathroom mirror while holding a piece of white tissue alongside the teeth. Are your teeth close to the same shade of white? If there’s a noticeable difference, that means something needs to be done.

Along with a cleaning to remove residue, you also want to talk with a dental professional about undergoing whitening treatments. Treatments in a controlled environment work faster than investing in over the counter products. A dental expert can also monitor the condition of your teeth during the treatments. The result will be teeth that are once again white enough to compare favorably with that piece of tissue.

The Enamel Seems to Be Wearing Thin

The discoloration may not have to to with buildup on the teeth. Perhaps the issue is that the enamel has worn thin and is exposing the yellow part underneath. There’s no way to regrow enamel, but it is possible to be fitted with veneers. They will help to restore the look of your teeth and also provide a small amount of protection that was lost when the enamel wore thin.

Keep in mind that veneers will eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately, it will be several years before that happens. In the meantime, your teeth will look great.

You’ve Chipped or Cracked a Tooth

Chipping or cracking a teeth can happen for a variety of reasons. The issue may be the result of a fall that involved a direct hit to the mouth. Perhaps you bit into something that was hard and that led to the problem. Whatever the origin, it helps to know that Vaughan dentists have solutions that will work.

Assuming the damage is not severe, something as simple as a combination of caps and veneers may be all it takes. Along with improving the look of the damaged tooth, these measures also help to ease some of the stress that occurs when you chew. Thanks to the dental work, there’s less potential for the crack to get wider or for more of the tooth to chip away.

Your Teeth are Worn Down

Overall, your teeth are still sound. The issue is that they have worn down over the years. While you may want to consider extractions at some point, that doesn’t have to happen now. It’s possible that caps will be all it would take to rebuild the teeth back to a natural size.

This is another situation in which a combination of veneers and caps will make a difference. Once the work is done, your teeth will be a uniform shade of white and be perfectly even. You’ll also notice that chewing is a little easier too.

Take a good look at your teeth today. Is there something that you would like to correct? If so, contact a dentist who offers cosmetic procedures. The solution may be simpler than you think.

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