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Is a new career as a commercial driver right for you?

A significant percentage of the world’s population has been deeply affected by the coronavirus crisis. For many, things are better now. We are slowly getting our freedom of movement back. But, sadly, many have lost their jobs and now need to find new ones.

Naturally, everyone wants something that offers relatively secure employment, yet few people consider becoming a commercial driver. The rising average age of lorry and bus drivers means that there is currently a shortage of qualified people to do this relatively secure job. No matter what happens, drivers have to deliver to make sure everyone can eat and has access to essential supplies. So, if you have not considered getting a commercial driving licence, I suggest that you read on and think about doing so.

Begin by going online to find out more

Online you can find the answer to all kinds of questions, such as ‘what is a commercial DUI?’ or ‘how much does it cost to take a commercial driving licence test and how old you have to be to do so?’ Given the fact that how you qualify varies from country to country, the best approach is to go online and do a bit of research. Google is an incredible resource.

Speak to friends who are already commercial drivers

If you know someone that is already a lorry or bus driver speak to them too. They will tell you what it is like to do the job. In many countries, there is more to worry about than just driving. You may be held responsible for the state of your lorry, have to secure the load as well as unload and load your lorry. So, it is wise to speak to someone who does the job already. Doing so will provide you with a better understanding of how physical and demanding being a lorry or bus driver in your country is.

Does it pay enough?

You also need to establish whether the pay will be high enough for you to cover your bills. This is particularly important if you were formally employed as a professional. Most lorry drivers earn a decent wage, but it may not be enough for someone in your circumstances.

Find out how much qualifying to drive commercial vehicles will cost

As you can see here, in some countries it can cost you thousands to complete the training and tests you need to get your licence. It is wise to understand the costs before you start the process of qualifying. 

Are there any ongoing costs involved?

In many countries, you are required to renew your lorry or bus driver’s licence every 5 years or so. Usually, this just means paying a small fee. But you may also need to pay for and take a medical. If you are a driver who regularly carries dangerous materials you may need to hold other licences, which may also need to be renewed periodically. Sometimes that will mean paying for and taking refresher courses. 

Doing all of the above will help you to make a balanced decision. If you decide that becoming a commercial driver is not for you, look at other industries where there is a shortage of qualified people.

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