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Dine In Style: Outdoor Dining Sorted

Even though summer may still seem like a long way off, the next few months can be put to some good use by using them to get your garden all ready for the better weather! And what better way of improving your garden and outdoor areas than by adding a cute dining area?! This then gives you a gorgeous spot to host outdoor dinner parties or to simply kick back with your family on the long summer nights.

Ready to sort out your space for some great outdoor dining? Here are some useful tips to help you create an outdoor dining area in your garden!

Keep It Close To The House

If you have quite a large garden, you will probably have a few different spots where you could create your dining area. Ideally, you should choose a spot that is as close to your house as possible. This will make it much easier when you are bringing all of your dishes out from the kitchen. After all, you don’t want to risk slipping up when you are walking across your lawn and dropping some delicious food! So, keep things close to your property so that you don’t have too far to carry all your yummy food outside.

Add Some Hard Flooring

If your garden is just all lawn, you might want to consider adding some hard flooring to the section that is going to become your dining area. You have a couple of different options. First of all, you can consider contacting a company like who can create a patio in your garden. They’ll be able to custom your patio too, however you want it, whether you’d prefer wooden decking or concrete flooring. Alternatively, you could have a go at creating your own garden decking. However, this can be difficult work, and it should only be attempted by those of you who have some previous DIY experience. Although building the decking is hard, another challenge is keeping your deck beautiful. Since the decking is outside in all weather conditions, it can get damaged quite easily if you don’t build it properly. For most people, though, getting the pros to do it is the best option! We actually have a plastic decking which has lasted years and looks amazing!

Make Sure There Is Shade

It can get very hot in the summer, and you won’t feel too comfortable eating outside if the sun is continually beating down on you. So, you should make sure that there is plenty of shade covering your dining area. If you have a large tree in your garden, then you might want to create a patio underneath it so that all of its leaves and branches cover your dining table. If that isn’t possible, then you can always buy a large parasol, like the ones at

Get The Best Furniture

Next, you need to choose the best garden furniture for your dining area. If you want furniture you can leave outside all year round, then go for wooden furniture. Just remember to treat it so that it is protected from the weather! Plastic furniture will need to be stored inside through winter, so make sure you have the room for it! Oh, and save your fancy glass dining table set for your dining room! Glass and the outdoors don’t go very well together, but it will sit beautifully inside your house!. My friend made that mistake once, and it is safe to say we can all learn from that one!

Enjoy your new outdoor dining area!

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    Some great tips in here that I will be using. Now that the warm weather is here its time to get it done.

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