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Relax with Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Baths

How do you like to relax? Do you visit spas for treatments, if so learn more about the best treatments for relaxation. What about relaxing at the end of the day? Some meditate others listen to soothing music. One way I like to relax after a long stressful day is taking a bath with Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Baths.  There’s nothing better than a soothing warm bath after a difficult day. 

I need my relaxation time at the end of the day, and with 4 kids, I don’t always get it. As parents, there’s always something happening in our lives that stress us out, but I can always count on those precious quiet minutes I spend in the bathtub. 


I want to introduce you to Live Clean’s new Aromatherapy Foam Bath scents – Lavender Vanilla, Tropical Coconut and Fresh Water. 


Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Foam Bath 

The Lavender Vanilla aromatherapy foam bath blends certified organic Lavender and Vanilla extracts in a rich, naturally foaming formulation that promotes deep relaxation. 

This scent is the one I use when I’m really stressed out and need to relax and calm down. The lavender scent isn’t overpowering, but its just enough to make you feel relaxed within minutes. 


Tropical Coconut Aromatherapy Foam Bath

The Tropical Coconut Aromatherapy Foam Bath blends certified organic coconut and citrus botanicals as well as Vitamin E and Chamomile for a rich, foaming bath. 

The Tropical Coconut scent is my second favourite scent from this line. The citrus and coconut scents compliment each other which makes it perfect for spending some much needed time relaxing in the tub. 

Fresh Water Aromatherapy Foam Bath

Fresh Water Aromatherapy Foam Bath offers one of Live Clean’s great original scents in a blend that includes Vitamin E and plant-derived moisturizers for a deeply hydrating bath. 

The Freshwater scent isn’t my most favourite, as its a little too powerful smelling for me, but my daughter seems to like it and requests it when she wants to relax after a stressful day at school. 

Whether you need to relax after a hectic day at work, school, home etc.. Live Clean’s Aromatherapy Foam Baths will help melt all the stress away! 

Live Clean’s Aromatherapy Foam Baths are made from 98% plant and natural based ingredients, DEA free, dye free, petrolatum, paraben and phthalate free. So you know you’re not using harsh chemicals on your skin. 

Best of all, Live Clean is completely vegan or vegetarian (determined by individual product), plant and natural based, with no animal products used in the formulations.  Live Clean is also cruelty-free; none of the products or their ingredients has been tested on animals. In its sensitivity to the environment, Live Clean is also free of phosphates, known contributors to water pollution.  And the packaging is eco-friendly.

Learn more about Live Clean on their Website | Facebook | Instagram 

How do you relieve stress? 

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  1. Susanne McCarthy says:

    I have never tried Live Clean products! Fresh Water aromatherapy foam bath would be awesome to try I am sure!

  2. Allie f says:

    I would love to try the Aromatherapy foam bath by Live Clean! I love the line 🙂

  3. Shirley says:

    I have tried these products. Personally, I think that if these products are ‘Live Clean’ they should be way less perfumed.
    The scents are extremely strong and overpowering.
    That much perfume means added chemicals and that does not equal to Live Clean!

  4. travelbuds says:

    I would love to try the Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Foam Bath

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