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Divine You – Craft Your Life

Part craft lesson, part soul work, part fun! Divine You inspire creative spiritual seekers to make meaningful and beautiful keepsakes while gaining insights and inspirations. Each month’s box will feature a seasonal craft centered around an inspirational word and including a ritual or other experience. Divine You also gives you a special crystal or stone, as well as one of their exclusive collectible Divine You cards so you can build a deck.

Their focus is on the insights gained in the process of creating, rather than on the finished product, so makers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Often these keepsakes become cherished because of insights gained, or because the allegedly creatively challenged person created something so meaningful even as they doubted their own creative abilities.


Month to Month
$34.95 USD + $12.50 USD Shipping

3 Month Prepay
$99.00 USD + $114.00 USD Shipping

6 Month Prepay
$195.00 USD + $228.00 USD Shipping

I love crafting, in fact it’s something I do on a regular basis. When I received this subscription box I knew I wanted to do this with my Goddaughter because she loves crafting just as much as I do.

We were having fun with the different types of applications when my Goddaughter asked how long it would take for the glue to dry. I grabbed the tube and to my surprise I saw this…

The word CANCER leaped from the tube! 

“Possible cancer agent. Exposure may result in nausea, headache, confusion or irritability. May be harmful by breathing vapors. Exposure may cause kidney damage.”

The tube says avoid contact with skin, a little too late!

I don’t understand why this glue is even in this craft box, this is extremely dangerous, a child was using this product! We ended up stopping our craft and throwing everything in the garbage. We can’t take any risks, especially with small children often in our house playing with our magnets.

A real shame, but I can’t put my weight behind a company that doesn’t put their client’s well being as one of their top priorities.

If you’d like to know more head over to their Website  | Facebook | Instagram  | Twitter

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