Husky Liners – Taking The Mess Out Of Life

Founded in 1988 and based in Winfield, Kansas, Husky Liners proudly makes automotive aftermarket products designed to protect your ride inside and out.

At the core of their wide product line is the Husky Liners brand of custom-fit floor liners, including front seat, rear seat, and cargo area. They also manufacture heavy-duty floor mats, custom molded mudguards, and a wide assortment of quality products designed to help extend the life of your vehicle.

All products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and most come with a hassle-free, lifetime guarantee.

Your new front floor liners are custom molded to fit your vehicle. The liners are made to take the place of your factory floor mats. For correct fit, it is necessary to remove the factory floor mats before installing your new floor liners. However, do not remove the factory-installed carpeting.

Your liners are made from an engineering resin that is lightweight and extremely tough and durable. The easiest way to clean your liners is with a damp cloth or sponge. Use of Armor All or similar items is discouraged as these products make the liners slick.

During these summer months with having a cottage and a big family, it’s hard to keep anything clean, let alone our car. But Husky has made things a bit easier with these liners. With the help of their FormFit Design process, each liner was perfectly formed to the contours of my car. They used lasers and computers to precisely measure the floorboards to create the perfect fit. The mats feature a redesigned door threshold and a raised lip around the edge to keep messes contained and away from the carpet. The newly designed, smooth arcing ribs divert fluids, keeping our shoes up and out of the mess. WeatherBeater protects our vehicle by withstanding the damage from water, mud, dirt, oil, gas and battery acid. That’s right, the resin can handle all that mess. So now I don’t have to worry if Emma drops her ice cream or if our new puppy Cooper drags in mud from playing in the lake all day.

Can you imagine how amazing these liners will be when our Canadian winter hits?! No more wet, salty carpets. I can’t wait!

Put Your Liner On Lockdown 

Husky’s exclusive Stay-Put Cleats help keep your liner from shifting around underfoot like lesser liners.

Watch out for these little guys when you’re installing your liners, they really are a prickly bunch. But I believe these Stay-Put Cleats are the magic behind Husky liners. We’ve owned custom fit liners before and they would always move around leaving us with plenty of messes to clean. 

Did You Know?

Husky Liners guarantees to the original purchaser of Husky Liners products that they will not break or tear under normal usage during the life of the motor vehicle in/on which they are installed. 


The WeatherBeater Premium are rugged and can stand up to abuse like no other. If you’re looking for custom fitted car mats that can protect your ride from all manners of mess, look no further!

The price is something that may cause buyer’s remorse in the very beginning, but you can expect to get your money’s worth in the end.

If you’d like more information on Husky liners head over to their Website | Facebook  | Instagram  | Twitter

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