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Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

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Preparing your home for winter is much more than tossing a few sweaters and lighting the fireplace. You might be surprised at how much and often you’ll need to prepare your home for this chilly season. If you live in an area that gets particularly cold during the winter months, it’s even more important to take these measures seriously before the first snow flies. Here are some simple steps to prepare your home for winter so you can cozy up with hot cocoa instead of turning up the thermostat!


Check your HVAC

Your heating and air conditioning unit will be very stressed during the winter months. Ensure you’ve done maintenance on your unit before the cold weather hits to prevent it from breaking down. If your furnace is noisy, it might need to be repaired or replaced. Your thermostat is another great way to check on your HVAC unit. If it’s not correctly programmed, your HVAC unit could be overworking itself. Checking your ducts is another quick way to tell if your HVAC unit needs maintenance. If they’re clogged, they’re preventing your HVAC unit from properly circulating air throughout your home.


Protect Against Winter Pests

If you’re worried that your home will be susceptible to pests this winter, you can do a few things:

  1. Seal off any openings that pests could sneak in through. Look for cracks around windows, faulty screens, and holes in your walls. If you have trees close to your home, consider trimming them back to prevent pests from making their way inside.
  2. You’ll want to keep your home clean. Pests are often drawn to clutter and filth, so keeping your home tidy will help keep pests at bay.
  3. You’ll want to make sure your home smells clean.


Click here to learn more about pest control this winter.


Secure Your Roof

If you notice any damage or wear to your roof, it’s essential to repair it as soon as possible to prevent leaks and water damage inside your home. While this should be done year-round, ensuring your roof is secure before cold weather hits are imperative. This includes checking your gutters and downspouts to ensure they’re unblocked and flowing correctly. This can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and is not worth the risk. If you’re unsure how to check your roof or notice any damage, contact a local contractor to have them inspect and repair your roof. 


Fill Gaps and Cracks

One of the best things you can do for your home during the winter is to ensure any gaps or cracks are adequately sealed. This will prevent warm air from escaping from your home and let cold air in. You can seal your home to prevent this from happening in various ways. You can use caulk or weatherstripping around windows, doors, and vents. You can also use spray foam insulation in attics, basements, and crawlspaces. While this may seem unnecessary during the fall, it’s an important one come winter. In fact, it can save you up to 20% on your energy bill each month!


Check Your Insulation

In addition to sealing your home, you’ll also want to ensure you have sufficient insulation. The ideal amount is between 15 and 25 pounds per square foot, but many homes don’t even come close to this standard. If this is the case for your home, you’ll want to make some adjustments before winter arrives. You have a few options when it comes to insulation. The first is to install additional insulation in your attic or basement. The second is to increase the amount of insulation in your walls. The last option is to install insulation on your exterior walls.


Final Words

Preparing your home for winter is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked. The cold winter months, which can last anywhere from November to April, can reach lows of -15 degrees, so being prepared for the cold weather is vital.

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