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Finding the Best Gambling Site in Canada

Since Canada embraced online sports betting, gamers have been spoilt for choice. With an avalanche of gaming sites to choose from, gamers have had difficulty identifying the best sites. But, we have come up with a criterion that could make it easier for you to determine the best gambling sites in Canada. The criterion we recommend consists of the most relevant factors to a gamer. They include the casino offerings, payout rates, cashout speed, flexibility, security, fairness, and reputation. Read on to know how these factors apply and how to use them when evaluating online casinos.

Criteria for Choosing Gambling Sites in Canada

1. Casino Offerings

By offerings, we refer to the welcome bonus, free spins, promotions, reward program and the payout rate. They influence a casino’s attractiveness because they determine the amount of money a player has to work with. For example, if a player deposits $1000 and the casino gifts him a $1600 welcome bonus, the player will have $2600 to use, increasing their chances of winning. The bigger the offerings, the more fun you are likely to have. So, opt for sites with a generous welcome bonus, a high payout percentage rate, periodic rewards and a reward program.

2. Payout Rates

The payout rate refers to the return to player rate or the average win rate. The return to player (RTP) percentage indicates the likelihood of winning in a particular game. For example, a 96% RTP, which you could interpret as a 4% house edge, means that you stand to win back 96 currency units for every 100 units you deposit. The casino keeps four units. A casino with a high RTP is preferred because you will likely get back more of your money. The average win rate, called the payout rate, is the amount the casino pays out to the gamers compared to the casino’s actual money. While the RTP rate is specific to one game, the average win rate is the winning percentage for all the casino’s games. Although most casinos do not publish this figure, you can check it on the casino’s terms and conditions or request information from the customer service. Casino regulating agencies like eCOGRA test the payouts regularly and publish a report that you can look up to find the payout figures of a particular casino. But, be aware that the figure is average, and this means that some players win more while others win less than the figure provided.

3. Cashout Speed

The cashout speed is one of the most crucial factors to consider because it determines how fast you can enjoy your cash winnings. This is especially critical to persons who plan to play to make money, not just for fun. Also, if a casino can process the withdrawals fast, it’s a sign that its internal processes for withdrawal requests are properly setup up and could be the case for all its other systems. Still, be careful because most casinos label themselves ‘fast payout casinos’ as a marketing tactic, but some do not live up to it. The best way to confirm this claim is by examining the customer reviews.

4. Flexibility

The essence of using an online casino over a physical location is its convenience. So, you want a casino that you can use in any location, on any device. Mobile-friendliness is a big plus for gamers because it allows them to pop in at any time.

5. Security and Fairness

Anyone who has been in the gambling industry for a long time can confirm that players are ripped off frequently. This happens when they join online casinos that tend to confiscate or cancel winnings, ignore players’ requests for support and have hidden terms. In some casinos, the players data get easily hacked, and their identities stolen. So, safety should be a key feature in your evaluation. Check if the casino uses data encryption, examine its privacy policies, and check the licensing authority. To check for fairness, check if the casino uses a random number generator to determine the game outcomes. A random number generator prevents foul play on the casino’s part.

6. Reputation

A site’s reputation is critical because it shows how the casino has dealt with customers before you. You will know the casino’s reputation by going through the customer reviews and expert reviews online. Although it is not unusual for an excellent casino to have a complaint or two, the issue lies in how it handled the complaints. If the complaints went unaddressed, that’s not the casino for you.

In Closing

Canadian gamers can now enjoy many online games as online casinos mushroom every day. But, to have a good time and avoid unnecessary losses, only deal with the best online casinos. You will know them by their offerings, payout rates, cashout speed, flexibility, security, fairness and reputation

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