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5 Reasons an Indwelling Catheter is Right For You

If some sort of medical condition requires you to have a catheter, there’s a good chance that your doctor will want to talk with you about indwelling catheters. As the name implies, the catheter proper is inserted into the body. A line connects it with a bag that is strapped to your thigh or leg and can be easily exchange or emptied when the need arises. Why does your doctor think this type of catheter is right for you? Here are a few possible reasons.

More Efficiently Manage Leakage

You’re being treated for a condition that triggers periodic urinary leakage. While you are still capable of getting out, there is some hesitation on your part. That’s because you never know when leakage will take place.

By being fitting with a catheter and bag, it’s easier to get out and do whatever you need to do. Just as abdominal binders are hard to detect under clothing, the same is true with the line and the bag. While you may have to make some slight wardrobe adjustments so your jeans or slacks are more of a relaxed fit rather than a slim one, the catheter essentially makes it possible to keep enjoying activities that you thought would be out of the question.

Compensate for Urinary Retention

Perhaps your issue is the opposite of leakage. For one reason or another, you are unable to empty the bladder when the time comes. Indwelling catheters ensure that the bladder is not placed under an inordinate amount of stress by making it easy to empty the bladder. Since this is not uncommon after undergoing some type of procedure that impacts the core of the body, you will find this solution coupled with abdominal binders to ease stress along incisions does make it a lot easier to be out and about.

A Way Around an Obstruction

Indwelling catheters are sometimes recommended when there is some type of obstruction that interferes with urinary flow. Typically, the catheter is a short-term solution until it’s possible to undergo surgery to get rid of the obstruction. This type of approach may be used with men who have enlarged prostates or anyone who is dealing with bladder stones that are obstructing the urinary tract. Paired with abdominal binders to provide more stability to the core, you get the relief that comes with emptying the bladder and also have more support for your core until the surgery can take place.

Dealing With Nerve Damage

There are times when damage to the nerves in the bladder make it impossible to empty the organ in the usual way. Indwelling catheters are a practical solution. They do not rely on any activity by the nerves to empty a full bladder. This approach works especially well if you have temporary incontinence due to a recent surgical procedure. The combination of a catheter along with abdominal binders provides time to heal properly. Assuming the nerve damage is temporary, you will eventually be able to do without the binder or the catheter.

A Good Choice for People Who are Bed-Bound

An illness is going to keep you in bed for an extended period of time. Getting up to relieve yourself is difficult if not impossible. Patients in this situation find indwelling catheters to be a good solution. Instead of struggling to get to a toilet and often not getting there in time, the main focus is making sure the bag is exchanged or emptied on a regular basis.

These are only some of the reasons why your doctor believes an indwelling catheter would be in your best interests. Consider this approach carefully and find out what you can do to ensure it provides the most efficient support. Even as you would want to select abdominal binders with care, always opt for catheters that are known to be of high quality, make it easy to remove and attach a fresh bag, and in general are likely to trigger little to no discomfort.


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