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The Link Between Domestic Violence and DUI

When studies look into domestic violence cases, they often see substance abuse problems at their core. While not every person involved in domestic violence has a problem with alcohol and drugs, the link between the two problems is ubiquitous enough to act as an area of concern for those who seek to stop both problems. This also means that lawyers who deal with domestic abuse cases often also have experience defending people from DUIs as well. In the case of Mass Tsang’s Richmond Hill drinking and driving lawyers, the experience runs deep in both fields.

What is Domestic Violence?

In Ontario, domestic violence includes not only abusive behavior toward a spouse but also to a partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, and a relative living with the accused. This category includes both physical violence and mental or emotional abuse, such as seeking to control somebody’s finances against their will, stalking a person, or intentionally eroding an individual’s sense of self-worth. An experienced domestic violence lawyer is usually familiar with the fact that substance abuse often plays a role in domestic violence. Because individuals involved with domestic abuse often rely on substances that either cause the problem or allow for an escape, these lawyers are also usually well-versed in dealing with DUI cases and other problems caused by substance abuse as well.

How are Domestic Violence and DUIs Linked?

It is too reductive to claim that alcohol or drugs lies at the heart of all or even most cases of domestic violence. In fact, many people who experience problems with alcohol remain completely nonviolent and act as caring family members. However, the presence of substance abuse often increases the likelihood of domestic violence. People who have trouble with alcohol or drugs often feels a lack of control over their lives, and in some cases they attempt to regain control by exerting their power over another person. In other cases, somebody with a substance abuse problem might be the victim of domestic violence, as the reliance on a foreign substance makes that individual easier to manipulate and control.

What Can a Lawyer Do?

A lawyer who knows about the domestic violence and DUI fields can help you navigate a difficult time in your life, both personally and legally. Go here to know how a domestic violence lawyer can defend your case by implementing proper strategies. First and foremost, the lawyer’s place is to defend you as well as possible in court. Whether you find yourself accused of a DUI or a crime that could lead to jail time such as domestic violence, the lawyer will review your case and do everything possible to make sure that your rights are protected. In some cases, a lawyer might work with the prosecutor or court to make therapy or rehabilitation a part of any plea agreement. This can help a struggling client regain control of their lives.

It’s always important to remember that a lawyer is there to make sure you are protected, both from wrongful accusations and from potentially self-inflicted problems. If you find yourself needing a lawyer for a DUI charge but have deeper issues in your life that are connected to that case, speak with your lawyer. You may be surprised at how much help you can get.

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