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Five Breakfast Dishes To Try In 2023

Breakfast is the most important part of your day and something you shouldn’t take for granted. There are plenty of delicious dishes that you can create in the morning, some a little more time-consuming to create than others.


The intention with any breakfast dish is for it to fill you up and hopefully keep you going until your lunchtime, whenever that may be. There are plenty of breakfast dishes out there to try but here are five breakfast options to try in 2023 that are generally popular among many.

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Chilaquiles from scratch are something delicious and a little different from your typical bowl of cereal. As a Mexican breakfast, you’ve got homemade fried corn tortillas that have been tossed in a red sauce and topped with a number of toppings. From avocado to kidney beans and feta cheese, there are plenty of options to create your own version of chilaquiles.


It’s quite a filling breakfast and probably not something you’re going to want every morning. However, if you have a weekend morning going spare and want to try something new, then Chilaquiles will likely go down a storm with all of the household!

Poached eggs and smoked salmon

For a lighter breakfast and ones that are a bit more expensive for most, poached eggs and smoked salmon are a delightful combination worth trying. The smoked salmon combined with a poached egg that has a runny yolk center is a filling and tasty dish to try out.


It’s a great one if you’re treating someone to a birthday breakfast at home and the smoked salmon can be changed out for bacon or avocado if fish isn’t an ideal choice.

French toast

French toast is a decadent and sweet treat for those who love anything sweet. French toast wasn’t invented by the French, in fact, it was the Americans who came up with this dish. The bread is dipped into a combination of whisked egg and either milk or cream. 


The condiments added on top will vary from cinnamon to icing sugar and maple syrup. This is a preference that’s each to their own.

Chicken and waffles

For a hefty breakfast that’s certainly one to have on occasion, chicken and waffles are the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Fried chicken on top of a bed of waffles and typically served with lashings of maple syrup. It’s another fan favorite for those who have a sweet tooth but it also caters to those who like something a little savory too.

Overnight oats

Finally, if you’re looking for something filling but healthy, then overnight oats are a fantastic option. It’s become more popular nowadays and is something you’d prepare the night before. Combine oats with any type of milk and then top with any of your favorite sweet or savory toppings. Refrigerate overnight and wake up to your breakfast ready for consumption.


If you’re looking to try out some new breakfast dishes, a simple search online will pull up loads of great options from around the world. Start exploring breakfast dishes beyond your typical toast and cereal.

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