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Get a good nights rest with Douglas Mattress

If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and sore, combined with back pain the culprit may be your mattress. Many people are unaware that their mattress doesn’t provide enough support, doing you more harm than good. While there are many mattress toppers for back pain available on the market, today we’ll be diving into how sleep can be impacted by a myriad of factors.

My daughter would toss and turn most nights and would complain every single morning that she was extremely tired and had a sore back.  We didn’t know it then, but her mattress was the reason behind her restless nights. 

She had an older mattress that had seen better days. There were lumps and dips in certain areas of the mattress, from the many years of use. 

When we were approached to test out the Douglas Mattress, we knew right away she would be the one to use it. 


The Douglas mattress comes vacuum sealed in a box.Having a mattress arrive in a box, vacuum sealed will save you time and your sanity.  This means no need to manoeuvre around staircases or through tiny doorways. 

Before I show you how to set up the mattress, I want to tell you a little more about it. 


The Douglas mattress has three different layers of different types of foam, One is a 2″ cooling gel foam – the gel foam will help you keep cooler at night.  Next is a 2″ Premium Elastex Foam – this is made without any harmful chemicals that are typically found in other latex mattresses. Finally, you have a 6″ Motion Isolation Support Foam – this foam eliminates motion transfer, so you can stay asleep even if your partner gets up 10x per night! 

 The three layers are placed inside a CoolSense cover – this washable cover is made from an eco-friendly Natural Eucalyptus Fabric. 


Novosbed will let you return your mattress if you don’t like it! You have up to 120 nights to sleep on your new mattress, if for whatever reason you do not like it, they will take it back and will donate the returned mattresses to local charities and community organizations.

The Douglas mattress is by far, the most environmentally friendly mattress on the market, and it is also completely Made in Canada (QC & ON). I love supporting Canadian Made products! 



I was quite surprised at how fast and easy the setup was. 

Once you pull the mattress out of the box, you are greeted with a big white “bag”.  The mattress is vacuum sealed inside this bag, so you have to be careful while removing the plastic wrap, not to accidentally cut into the vacuum bag inside. 


Cutting open the bag reveals the coiled up vacuum sealed mattress.  

Once the white bag is removed, unroll the mattress and place it on your bed frame or box spring. 

Then cut a slice in the vacuum sealed plastic wrap. You need to be quick, the mattress expands quickly once the vacuum bag is cut into. It was pretty fun to watch the mattress expand. Almost like a watching a balloon inflating. 

Once the mattress is expanded, there might be a smell, but don’t worry, the smell should dissipate within a few hours.

And thats it! your new mattress is all set and ready to sleep on! 


Once the mattress was fully expanded, my daughter jumped on her new mattress right away and she said it was like laying on a cloud. 


The mattress is 9″ thick (a few inches thicker than her previous mattress). This is a medium-firm mattress with balanced support and pressure-point relief for all sleeping positions.



Three layers of high-quality foam deliver active cooling, perfect bounce, and balanced pressure relief every night, all year round.


My daughter absolutely loves her new mattress, she has been sleeping all night, and hasn’t complained that she is tired when she wakes up – I call that a win! The mattress does not get overheated, even on hot days, she says her mattress keeps her cool and she said it felt like it was absorbing her body heat which made her feel much cooler and giving her a more comfortable sleep.


In all, this is a great mattress for anyone who is looking to purchase a new mattress. 


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*Disclosure: I received a mattress in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own* 

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