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Grill Masters Club

Love grilling, smoking, and bbq? Of course you do, that’s why you are here. The world is full of people who are masters of the grill. People who can turn a slab of meat into a gift of tender juicy goodness. That means you also love trying new things that will make you a better pitmaster. That’s were the Grill Masters Club comes in. Every month they send you a box of sauces, rubs, marinades, wood chips, new recipes, and grilling accessories to your door.

The Grill Masters Club is a small team hailing from Jacksonville, Florida and together they source, design, advertise, process, box, ship, facebook, blog, and share in all things grilling.

I received my Grill Masters box a few hours before heading to our Father’s Day family reunion (I know, what are the chances right?!) The men were all so excited to try these out.

Enter in the American Stockyard BBQ Rub All American Burger Seasoning Mix (WOAH! That is quite a mouth full.) The first time we smelled the mix we were totally turned off, there was no way this was going in our burgers. But oddly the more we smelled it, the more we liked it! 

One thing to note, the meat to mix ratio on the bottle seemed off to us so we just eyed it and good thing we did cause there would of been way too much mix in our burgers.

We had all our family members try a piece of burge with nothing on it (No condiments, no cheese) We wanted them to really taste the mix.

The mix was a BIG hit! Although my uncle Bill thought the burgers were so great due to his amazing BBQ skills. LOL. Everyone was gathered around the table eating their sample yelling out spices. “I taste paprika!” My uncle Dennis said. “Definitely not, it’s cumin!” My aunt Jenna countered. The spice war went on for a few minutes until I handed them the bottle and the winners proclaimed their victories with an “AH HA!”

The feast continued with chicken skewers seasoned in both American Stockyard BBQ Rub Kansas City All Purpose BBQ Rub and Suckle Busters Great For Grilling SPG BBQ Rub

The SPG was the show stopper here. I want to sprinkle that stuff on everything! People found the all purpose rub bland, they asked me if they could dip it into the Memphis Red BBQ Sauce to try it. The sauce was delicious but they all had the same comment, it would be a great sauce for wings and I agree!

After all was said and done I think it’s safe to say that the box was a big hit, especially with the men. As I was packing up the leftovers I could hear the men in the background chatting about what their favorite BBQ sauce/seasoning/tool is and what they would put in the Grill Masters box, which made me giggle just a bit.

I would definitely put this on the must have list for Dad this Father’s Day!

If you’d like to learn more about Gill Masters Club head over to their Website | Facebook | Twitter

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