Hasbro Gifts Round-Up

With Christmas just a few short weeks away, everyone is out shopping around for the best toys.  We have made a list of some of our favourite Hasbro toys that we think your kids will love. 

Love2Learn Elmo


Love2Learn Elmo is a cuddly plush toy that works with an easy-to-use app. With 350+ responses and 30+ minutes of unique content, little ones can play fun learning activities with Elmo! Parents can use the Love2Learn Elmo app to deliver a personalized play experience customized for their child! When parents select their childs name*, desired subject, level, and favorites in the app, the Elmo toy will talk and play based on those selections. Choose from the apps “Parent Helpers,” and the Elmo toy can even help with a child’s routines by encouraging little ones in real time to clean up, use the potty, and more!

My 1 year old absolutely loves Elmo!  As soon as he saw the Love2Learn Elmo his eyes grew big and squealed. He enjoys squeeziElmo’smos nose to make him talk, and absolutly LOVES it when he sings. He dances and tries to sing along with Elmo.  This is definitely one of the best Elmo toy’s out there and any child would be extremely happy to receive it as a gift. 

Furby Connect


Get ready to discover a world of surprises with this Furby Connect friend and the Furby Connect World app (see app details below). This Furby Connect friend has a light-up antenna that glows when there’s something new to discover in the app — including music and videos!

This Furby Connect friend has lots to say! Even when Furby speaks in Furbish, it’s not hard to figure out what Furby means. This Furby Connect friend has colorful eyes that display more than 150 animations to help express what Furby wants. Interact with a Furby Connect friend by petting, tickling, or shaking Furby, turning Furby upside down, or even moving its antenna like a joystick — then see how Furby reacts! When this Furby Connect friend syncs with the Furby Connect World app, there are more physical and digital ways to interact and more surprises to discover.

Sesame street on the Go Cases 


Now kids can take their favorite Sesame Street characters on the go with these fun character cases! Featuring a van with Abby Cadabby and Elmo, as well as a bus with Cookie Monster and Elmo, this assortment has space for three Sesame Street figures and is perfect for imaginative play. Each sold separately.

We are big Elmo and Sesame Street fans over here.  There’s not a day that goes by that one of the shows is not playing on the TV. My 1-year-old just started to play with little figures and vehicles and this is the perfect gift. Not too big and not too small, these vehicles and characters are perfect for little hands! 

Speak Out 


Get ready to be doubled over with laughter with this ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game! The Speak Out game brings friends and family together for laugh-out-loud fun as players try to say different phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that won’t let them shut their mouth. In the Speak Out game, players draw from the deck and read the phrase as best as they can, but it’s not so easy to do when the mouthpiece is hindering them from forming words correctly. The timer counts down as players try to say phrases such as “he’s my stealthy pet ferret name Garrett”, “slow down, you careless clown”, or “pelicans love pollywog falafels.” The laughter continues as players try to decipher what in the world their teammate is trying to say, and must correctly guess the phrase in order to earn the card. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The Speak Out game includes 200 double-sided cards, 5 mouthpieces, and a timer.

Descendants Dolls

tumblr_njqr1esurr1qa2r95o2_1280-800x600A new generation of Disney heroes and villains is taking center stage! These Descendants dolls are the perfect addition to the doll loving child in your life. 

Available in single, two-pack and four-pack.  

I don’t know of any little girl that doesnt love dolls.  My daughter is 9 and still loves all kinds of dolls, her current favourite dolls are the Disney Descendants. The Descendants are the children of classicDisney heroes and villains characters.  These dolls are quality made and durable. There’s lots of fun to be had with the Descendants! 

Marvel Legends Series 12′ Figures


Choose from Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and more!   

These highly collectible figures are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday season. 

Premium designs and 30 plus points of articulation these figures are a perfect addition to collections. 

My 12-year-old is a lover of all things Marvel. He has quite the collection of figures and these are a perfect addition to his collection. The unique 30+ points of articulation make these figures much more than just your regular boring figure. You can pose them in just about any pose you can think of and do like my son does and recreate your favourite parts from your favourite Marvel film! 

Perfect for collectors or for play! 


All above-mentioned toys can be found at most major retailers like Toys ‘r Us & Walmart. 

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