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He’s A Good Boy: How To Reward Your Dog

Rewards and treats aren’t necessarily just an incentive for your dog to learn new tricks; they are awards for good behavior and a way to show him what a good boy he is. Never forget to show your furry friend how much you love them because you can be certain that they adore you more than you could comprehend. Here are just a few ways to treat them, and to say ‘thank you’ for all they do for you.

Doggie treats

You can’t really fail to show your appreciation with a dog treat, especially since they now associate it with good behaviour. However, you want to make sure that the treats are really what’s best for them. Always read the ingredients, or you could find your own dog treat recipe online so you can know every ingredient that goes into those treats, and subsequently your dog’s stomach. Eventually, you should move on from using treats too often, or your dog will gain too much weight.

Chew toys

Dogs love chewing things; you’ve probably lost track of how many shoes you lost before his training kicked in. You may consider buying an indestructible toy for your dog on He might appreciate a new chew toy so he can continue one of his favourite pastimes without ruining any of your furniture. However, it might be better for you to stick with vet recommended dog chews because some chew toys are made with harmful toxins. As an added bonus, you can use certain dog chews to keep your canine’s teeth and gums healthy.


Your furry friend doesn’t love playing by himself nearly as much as he loves playing with you. Buy him a few new toys that the two of you can enjoy together, such as a new ball to play fetch, a tug rope to do some safe play-fighting, or just take him to a relatively empty field and run around with him. Having a few toys around the house is really useful for keeping your pooch occupied during rainy days or those few summer days when it’s too hot for them to step outside.

Take him swimming

As the days get longer, the sun will soon get hotter. Help your puppy stay cool by taking him for a dip in cold water. There are two ways to go about this; you could take him out to the beach for a day and incorporate some playtime into your excursion, or you could get a kiddie pool in your garden and watch him splash on the lawn. If neither of these is an option, some good fun with the hose will also do the trick.

Brush and massage

Dogs also love getting a thorough combing, and nothing reduces them to a slobbering mess like back scratches and massages. Any time spent bestowing physical affection on your pet is a great way to bond and share your love. Don’t go thinking it’s a one-way street either; studies have shown that stroking an animal can significantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure; yours and your pet’s!

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