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Hexbug Stocking Stuffers

What do you usually put in your children’s stockings?  Many people add cheap dollar store items that usually break apart the same day. 

This year, instead of adding those little dollar store toys, we decided to fill the kids’ stockings with items they need, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, socks, chapstick and little toys that we know they will love. 

One of those toys is HEXBUG.  HEXBUG AquaBot Wahoo, HEXBUG Cuddlebot and HEXBUG nano Junior to be more precise.  

HEXBUG AquaBot Wahoo


Submerge yourself in the newest school of deep sea divers with HEXBUG® AquaBot Wahoo! Using the power of motorized propulsion this creature of the blue spins and whirls through its underwater surroundings with magnificent ease. This newcomer is the fastest HEXBUG AquaBot, and the perfect addition to your collection. HEXBUG AquaBot Wahoo is available in multiple colors. 

HEXBUG AquaBot Wahoo features a twist to turn on/off switch, perfect for little hands. 

Ages 3+ 

HEXBUG Cuddlebot


Make way for something soft and adorable. HEXBUG has expanded into the realm of innovative toddler toys with HEXBUG® Cuddlebot. These robo-buddies are round, durable, and completely child safe. Cuddlebot features a squishable body, vibrate and scurries across the floor. 

Available in two styles Honey Bee and Fire Fly

Ages 18months + 

HEXBUG nano Junior


Looking for something a little more simple for a toddler? The HEXBUG nanno Junior is perfect for children 18 months+  

The nanno Junior features 12 legs and rubberized bodies. Perfect for little ones to chase around! 

Available in a variety of colors. 

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