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Homeowners Guide: Signs Your Home Needs Proper Maintenance

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Being a homeowner is fulfilling. You have a place to call your own and a great investment for years to come. However, it can be quite challenging as you may have numerous responsibilities you must attend to, such as maintenance. Home maintenance is necessary as it helps ensure that your home is in good shape and increases or maintains its resale value. In addition, the state of your home speaks volumes about you as a homeowner, your home’s ambiance and also affects its resale value. But how do you know when your home is due for maintenance? Here are the telltale signs you should look out for.

  • Delayed maintenance checks


Your roof, gutter, drain, sinks, and so on experience wear and tear daily. Temperature, water, and dust can affect the durability of these aspects of your home, causing them to perform inefficiently or ruin the general appeal of the home. Sometimes, the problems are not visible immediately, causing homeowners to overlook their maintenance. Various parts of the home have differing maintenance times. For example, your roof should be scheduled for maintenance twice every year. Therefore, if it seems you haven’t been committed to following your annual maintenance checks, that is a clear indication that you are not practicing effective maintenance on your home.

  • Fading and discoloration of walls


If your once vibrant coloured house is beginning to look like a lighter shade or not quite the same colour, it is time to repaint. Fading usually occurs due to exposure to sunlight. It can create an unpleasant colour and make your home look dull and boring. Discoloration may occur due to issues such as moisture. The spread of mildew and mould can cause your walls to change colour over time. If you notice such issues, you should contact a painting contractor to have your colour restored. 


You can consider planting more trees around the home to reduce the effects the sunlight may have on your paint job. You should also keep in mind that dark colours fade faster, so if you don’t plan on painting too often, you should avoid them.

  • Bubbling, cracks, and peeling


Flaking, peeling, bubbling, and cracking are also obvious signs your home needs a paint job. Extreme weather conditions, especially during the summer, can cause the paint of your home to bubble and crack. Not only do these paint issues make your house unappealing, but they also reduce your home value and expose it to mould and rot. Therefore, it is advised to take checks around your home after each season to assess the damage done. 

  • Cracked caulk


Caulk is a substance used to seal joints and beams in various structures to prevent leaking. In your home, caulking is used to seal the installments made into your walls, such as windows and doors. Cracked caulk, or any signs of brittleness, indicates that the caulk has lost its durability. This can be problematic for your home as it may allow for drafts and other issues. Cracked caulking can also encourage water damage leading to the development and spread of mildew and mould, rot, and structural damage. 

  • Wood damage


Wooden surfaces can be of great appeal, but they can tarnish your home’s appeal and value without the right maintenance. When left unchecked, your wooden surfaces may become home to insects such as termites that eat away at the wood. This can cause even more drastic damage. For example, long deep gaps or cuts in the wood can pose a structural risk. Additionally, poorly maintained wooden surfaces could also cause soft spots on the wood, which are also an indication of damage as that is likely due to rot. It is vital to check that your surfaces have a coat of varnish to protect them from such damage. By carrying out proper maintenance, you can determine when to update it. Your poor management may mean that you would have to spend more on replacing your wooden surfaces due to the extensive damage caused.


Your home is a fantastic investment, and just like all investments, it is vital to secure it and find ways to increase its value. Poorly maintaining your house would not bring many returns. As a homeowner, be sure to follow your maintenance checklist religiously. Doing so would help you detect issues on time to save money and avoid the hefty costs of major repairs. If you haven’t carried out adequate checks, it’s not too late! Look out for the signs indicated above and contact the appropriate professionals to help you fix up your home.

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