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Hon’s Hot Sauce – Dolls Up Your Dish

Hon’s Hot Sauce – Dolls Up Your Dish

What is food without a little spice? A dash of hot sauce can manage to toss-up lip-smacking meals from some of the most modest ingredients. This is a mantra that has been proven time and again and is popularly followed in different parts of the world. Japan in this context is no different. Land of sushi and sashimi is known for its own array of hot and tangy sauces. To know more click here. These sauces contain the ethnic tastes and flavors of Japanese cuisine and are really quite popular with the people of the nation. However, if we say that the tastes of these hot sauces like Hon’s hot sauce are loved and craved by the indigenous people of Japan only that will be an improper fact. In fact, it will be most appropriate to mention that the Japanese hot sauces and the various delicacies that can be stirred up with their help have earned quite a repute across the globe.

Great base of curries

The hot sauces available often come in the form of pastes, sometimes seasoned oils, and also as mayo. Amongst all these items you can easily use the first two varieties to stir up some delicious smelling and tasting Asian curries. They can be made with vegetables and even with chicken or prawn. Spicy, hot, and tangy they can be a perfect accompaniment with dishes of rice or flatbread. The idea behind Hons sauce was to retain the traditional Japanese tastes in modern cuisines. The flavors are still reminding the food lovers of the true favors of Japanese dishes.

Add to rice or noodles for the pungent tangy hot flavor

The pastes are often flavored with hints of chilly, garlic, and sesame. They can be a great way of flavoring any form of rice or noodles preparation. With a spoonful of this paste or oil into your rice or noodles with generous toppings of meat and vegetables, you can cook up perfectly delicious rice and noodles items for dinner, lunch, or supper.

Super exciting dressings for salads

The chilly garlic-seasoned oils are the best options to prepare some of the most aromatic and fresh dressings for your salads. They can help you to prepare delectable fresh salads with an authentic Asian twist t them.

Popular dips for any food

As mentioned earlier in the array of the hot sauces there is a concoction of spicy mayo ranges. These mayos are a perfect dip item that can be used as a side condiment with any type of food. Whether it is a fried item or a baked one, these spicy mayo dips are just perfect for everything. You can further enhance the flavor and the texture of the mayo by adding some finely chopped veggies in the mayo. From super hot sauces to mildly spiced mayo, you can get a large variety of dips. All of these side condiments and dips offers you the authentic tastes of Japanese cuisine and can help you experience the culinary extravaganza of the county first hand.


Its tough end what can you do with hot sauce and Hon’s hot sauce. There are traditional dishes and contemporary ones too. But you can also experiment with new ideas. Apart from the great taste of all these sauces, you can also get detailed information on the ingredients used to make these sauces and dips. You can get the exact quantity in which all the ingredients have been used. Additionally, you can also get authentic Japanese recipes that you can always try in your home. These hot sauces are truly a simple but a great way through which you can doll up some of the simplest of recipes.


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