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Classic Fruit Slots Machines that are still popular today

The slot machine industry has come such a long way since its inception at the tail end of the 1800s, and older gamblers will routinely be flabbergasted at how much things have changed since then. Whereas Mr Charles D. Fey and his contemporaries were creating 100% mechanical machines, in the present day pretty much all slot gamblers are either playing off video slots in land-based casinos or on one of the many online slots at Slotzo that are now available for gamblers to play online. 

The emergence of online slots sure did change everything, there really is no denying that at all. Developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Eyecon have proven instrumental in pushing the whole industry forwards, and nowadays there is all manner of modern and exciting online slots to sink your teeth into. But here’s the thing: not everybody wants to spin the reels of highly modern online slots, and that is why there are still some classic fruit slot machines that are still played today. Read on to find out a bit more! 

Rainbow Riches 

Slot machines just do not get more iconic than the legendary Rainbow Riches series from developer Barcrest. These games pretty much singlehandedly popularised the “luck of the Irish” theme that has become a hallmark of the slot industry, and after several decades they have become probably the most famous slot machine series of all time. In fact, Rainbow Riches is one of the only online slot games to have started our life as a genuine land-based gambling machine – that’s how old they are! 

Although Rainbow Riches don’t utilize the classic fruit machine symbols such as apples or bananas, these slots are still undeniably members of the classic fruit machine world. Their aesthetic is drenched in gambling nostalgia, for example, and Barcrest continues to use a pretty simple and standard game mechanic, meaning that older gamblers will love it just as much as younger ones.


As far as land-based slot machines in brick and mortar casinos go, you simply will not find anything as popular as the Las Vegas Megabucks machines, mainly because they have been responsible for some of the largest slot wins of all time. This is because they feature a progressive jackpot, something that increases in size after each losing spin – you can see why the prizes get so big! 

Megabucks is also a classic fruit machine style slot in its make-up, and so it should be, considering that they have been around since the 1960s. The bad thing about the Megabucks machines is that they are exclusive to Las Vegas, however, it is more than worth paying a visit to play on one. 

Mega Joker 

NetEnt’s Mega Joker is unapologetically designed to evoke memories of the aforementioned Megabucks machines, however, as it is an online slot it is free to be played wherever you are! There’s more good news here too because Mega Joker’s RTP is a crazy 99%!

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