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How Planning Ahead Will Reduce Your Home Move Stress

Moving house is one of the biggest chores that you’ll probably ever encounter in life. The stress that it causes can be very overwhelming. Assuming the move is for the best, and you are off to greener pastures, the enjoyment of your new home will be very rewarding.

Overcoming the stress of your move will take organization and hard-work. But if you put in the preparation, you can enjoy a much more straightforward moving experience.


Planning Your Move

Plan your move in as much detail as possible. Make lists of companies that you will need to get in touch with so that you can pass on your new address details, and then start getting in touch with them as early as possible. Work out exactly what date you will be moving on, and ensure you have a couple of days clear either side of the move to deal with packing and unpacking.

Repair appliances

It is a good idea to inspect your appliances before a big move to make sure they are safe. It will relieve a lot of stress if you do any appliance repair before you move. No one wants to move into a brand new house and find out your appliances don’t work! 


Bringing In The Professionals

One of the best ways for you to reduce the level of stress associated with your move is to hire a professional mover such as North American Van Lines Canada.

While it may well be cheaper to hire a van and deal with the move yourself, however, you will have to deal with all of the physical moving of your furniture yourself. Negotiating bulky items through doorways can be tricky, but for an experienced removal firm, this will be effortless.

Loading the van will take a lot less time, and everything will be done in such a way that it will reduce the risk of breakages from occurring. This saves you a great deal of worry.


Start Getting Rid Of Unwanted Items

It is amazing how much stuff we amass in our homes that we no longer need or want. Start going through your unwanted items and sell them through services such as eBay, or donate them to a local charity that can make good use of them.


Packing Before The Move

There are a few ways that you can make things easier for yourself when it comes to packing your possessions.

The earlier you can start to pack, the better. It will often take much longer than you’d expect to get everything boxed up and ready to go. Start with items that you know that you will not use until after the move.

Keep similar items together. By keeping everything in the same boxes, you will find that it becomes easier to unpack when you arrive in your new home.


Remember to label all of your boxes. This will let you know what is in them and will allow you to send them to the right place in your next house. If something is fragile, or it specifically needs to be carried upright, write it on the box.

When boxing items up, be sure that heavy items go at the bottom of the box. If you’ve got lots of items such as books that quickly increase the overall weight, be careful not to overfill the box.

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