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Let the man of the house go wild for his perfect man cave – it will be his space after all! Creating a space that’s just for him is a great way to give his old college memorabilia a home, and to provide a den for him to relax, either by himself or with his best buddies. Whether you simply carve out a corner of the garage or give him an entire room, creating a space just for your husband is easier than you might think, even on a budget. Here are some of my essential elements for building a man cave that he will enjoy for years to come.

Before starting on your man cave, first, designate one room or area that will be just for him. what type of space do you need? Are you turning the basement or garage into the man cave?


What kind of flooring are you going with – instead of laying down new flooring, try concrete polishing. This is very affordable and will last for years to come! 


Comfortable Seating

Give the man of the house chairs or a couch that is comfy, spacious, and preferably of hardy materials that won’t stain easily. Pick seating that your partner and his friends would love to watch the game in.

Bar area

Boy’s night will never be the same with a fully-stocked bar area. If you have space, go with a regular size fridge, otherwise, keep it simple and go with a smaller bar fridge. Keep it full of juices and other beverages for the boys to enjoy while hanging out, and don’t forget to include snacks! 

Big Screen TV


What man cave would be complete without a big-screen TV? As far as your man is concerned, the bigger it is, the better so get a TV that’s large enough to be the space’s focal point but not so large that it overwhelms the room. 

Game table

They need something to do while waiting for the game to come on. A pool table is a staple for most man caves but you can also include other alternatives, such as a foosball table, dartboard or poker table. Remember to keep lots of space around the table to walk around.

Themed Decor

Just because it’s a man cave doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be decorated. Think manly things, such as vintage signs, sports memorabilia or autographed items. Go with his hobbies and decorate the space based on what he enjoys. Decorate with him in mind.


No matter how your man cave project turns out, as long as you stock it and decorate with his interests in mind, it will be a great space for him to relax and de-stress. Don’t forget to include these essentials, and let the good times roll!

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