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Improving Bathrooms In Your Home

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to improve the bathrooms. Here are a few tips on things to consider.


There is an abundance of paint companies out there, it is hard to choose when you are not very savvy in that area, you want to make sure you have high quality and getting the quality Sico paint is crucial for a home renovation project.


You may not realize, but a sink is an important part of every bathroom. When looking to update your bathroom, you need to put just as much thought into the sink as you do with the tub. You want to get one that is an appropriate size for the size of the room. If you are renovating a powder room, you may want to stick with something simple like a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink


A shower separate from the tub is one of today’s favourite luxuries. Some of them have been designed to feel like rain (at least part of the time). 

Large frameless (or nearly frameless) glass shower enclosures are showing up in more and more homes. Some of the showers have features like overhead waterfall systems, handheld showerheads, and body sprays coming from the side that works well in a frameless enclosure. 


As for tubs. Well, again there is an abundance of different types to choose from. Are you renovating your bathroom to look luxurious or just something simple for the family? Can you imagine a nice long soak while listening to flute music and sipping chilled champagne? (James Bond can keep his martini.)

You get the idea. Updated means simple. It does not mean blah. It can give you and your family pleasure and comfort while you live in your home. It can increase your homes sale value. You’ll be tempted, but don’t overbuild with the Taj Mahal of bathrooms. Build something that you will be proud of and enjoy. Also, keep in mind if you plan on selling in the future, most people love simple designs. 

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