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Lock, Check, And Travel

Heading off on vacation is always a welcome event. Whether you’re road tripping, travelling, or taking a trip just for the hell of it – it’s an exciting, and well-earned break from the busy hecticness of daily life. You could just be heading across the country, rather than travelling across the globe, but it’ll feel like a million miles away, and the perfect rest bite. However, before you jet away, you need to consider your safety, both at home and wherever you’re heading off to.


While you’re away, you’re leaving your house vacant for a prolonged amount of time. This might sound like a ‘duh’ moment but think about it. If your newspapers and letters are piling up on your porch, the drapes are never closing, and that light you left on in the bathroom has been on continuously, it’s going to alert every thief in the area that your house is empty. There are a few, simple solutions to this problem. The first is to have someone come over regularly to sort out your mail, and just potter about the house for a little bit. Make sure that you pull the drapes before you head out, and install a new age group security system as a fail-safe before you head off.


When you go out for a vacation, you leave behind your cars and motorbikes. You must keep them safe, so you should park them in the driveway and cover them. If you are going for a long holiday, we recommend telling someone to take them out once in a few days to keep the engine running. Next, you also need to care for your transport to your destination. Whether you’re looking to use public transport, ensure you have double-checked the timings and fares. Also, you must follow the ‘reserve today‘ tactic for booking the rental cars before taking off to your travel destination. Check the prices and book as early as possible for an easy experience.


You might be paying for health and house insurance at home, but that isn’t going to cover you in another country. In pretty much every country (except the UK) you have to pay for your healthcare, so you need to make sure that your regular insurance covers abroad fees. If not, then you’ll need to take out travel health insurance. While you’re at it, you should probably sort out travel insurance for your belongings too in case your bags get carted off to Connecticut, while you’re touching down in Rome, or if someone decides that your bag looks way better on them than on you.


When you go abroad, it’s not an unusual sight to see tourists carrying a large amount of cash with them. This is because of how money is changed. However, you can get travel card which works like a pre-loaded credit card; you pop the money you would normally have in cash onto the card and go and spend, spend, spend! However, do make sure that where you are heading has many cash points. You’ll want to look out for Travel card fees as well, as these can leave you out of pocket if you’re not careful.A lot of countries deal mostly with cash, so make sure you have some of that on you too. And never carry your cash all in one go, or have it all in one place. Hopefully, your room will have a safe you can use, if not then spread your cash into different locations throughout your luggage – even hide it in things like a cleaned out sun lotion bottle.


Your case, for a decent chunk of your vacation, holds everything you own. So it’s no small thing if it goes missing. Choose a colour that is easily recognizable, so that you can spot it the moment it hits the racks. You can even buy a Bluetooth tracker to pop inside or attach to, your case so that you can keep an eye on it when you’re not holding onto it.

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