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Worry Eaters

At times, childhood worries can be very BIG, and at other times, very small. No matter how big or small the worries, they are all important in the life of a child. Parents can help kids learn to manage stress and tackle everyday problems with ease using word eaters as a tool to identify worries.

I want to introduce you to Worry Eaters. 

Afraid of the dark? Worried about tomorrow’s dental checkup?  Feed it to your Worry Eater! The little softie with big eyes is a good friend to all. Each Worry Eater’s adorable zipper mouth provides children with a safe place to share worries. Children are invited to write or draw

Here’s how it works:

1) Write down your worries and fears

2) Feed them to the Worry Eater- They will hold them for your child

3) Take a look and get through this together!


These are great for children who have anxiety, stress or just worries about anything. 

Some children don’t want to talk about their fears or worries, which is when the Worry eater comes in handy.  The Worry eaters will let you gain insight into your child’s concerns. 


All children have worries or fears. Some are big, some are small, but all of them are very real. Worry eaters are a must have for any child that needs to get worries off their chest. 

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  1. Silvia D says:

    cute and unique dolls! i have a little garaandson that would benefit from having one!

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