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Locking Doors Still Best Bet Against Burglaries

Not so long ago, people did not feel the need to lock their doors or windows. But times have changed, and so has the need to use locks for protection.

Most individuals do not have the proper lock security. Not everyone has dead-bolt locks on all of the entry doors to their homes. It is recommended that you install some sort of deadbolt to each entry door. Have a professional locksmith Toronto come and install them. 

Make it a habit of checking and updating old locks on all doors and windows and replacing them with ones that provide protection from keys being duplicated without your knowledge. In addition, it advises you to make sure your locks have a long enough bolt so that the door cannot be pried open.

Installing quality locks is the first line of defence against home burglaries since they can protect you against physical attack. Other steps can be taken to increase your security, as well.


Here are some tips to increase security. 

* Use your locks. Even the best locks can’t protect you if you don’t use them.

* Do some yard work. Trim hedges and bushes so thieves can’t hideout.

* Know your neighbours. Neighbours who look out for each other are among the best, and least expensive, defences against neighbourhood crime.

* Secure your spare. Leave your spare key with a trusted neighbour. Never hide it on the property. Burglars have more experience looking for keys than you do hiding them.

* Let there be light. Make sure all outside entrances – front, back and side – have good lighting so burglars can’t easily hide.

* Stop mail and paper deliveries. A pile of newspapers in the driveway is a clear sign to a thief that you’re away from home.

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