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One Sweet Box

I’m a sugar fiend and anyone who knows me personally knows this.  You can certainly bet that I always have some kind of candy in my house. 

So there’s no surprise that I love receiving sweets to review.  As a candy lover, I was excited to get the chance to try One Sweet Box. 

One Sweet Box is a candy subscription box based in Toronto, Ontario,  Each month they find some of the most interesting and delicious chocolates and sweets from around the world, and ship a box full of them to customers.  

How it works: You can choose monthly or you can save a little money by pre-paying for 3 or 6 months at a time. Once you have created an account and given a few other details, they will ship your box to you on or around the 5th of every month. 

One Sweet Box ships to Canada and US, so our friends in the south can also enjoy some yummy treats! 

 Every month you will receive a box which will contain 7-10 full sized candy products.

Each candy has been carefully selected by the wonderful candy gods and goddesses at the One Sweet Box headquarters. They have to be gods and goddesses for sending us all these delicious candies, right?! 


Alright, let’s get to unboxing our first box! 

When you first open your box, you will be welcomed with the sweet smell of delicious candies along with a card telling you how you can get a free box. Once you remove the tissue paper, there is another card on top of the candies which lists all the candies that are in your box and a little information about them. 


I wish I would have taken a photo of the candy itself, but the kids *yes, let’s blame this on the kids 😉 * devoured the candies before I had a chance to take photos of each candy inside the wrappers.  lesson learned, do not open One Sweet Box when you are craving sweets before dinner! 

Once you remove the tissue paper, you have all these delicious candies starring at you and inviting you to take a little taste. 

Let me tell you about each candy I received in my August One Sweet Box. 


HI-CHEW – Lychee – Taiwan

I have never heard or tried Hi-Chew before. The texture is softer than a Starburst, but also chewy and mouthwatering.  They were certainly delicious and something I would love to try again. 


KitKat – Tiramisu duo – Australia

The classic crisp wafer texture of a regular KitKat with the delicious taste of tiramisu coffee flavour. These were absolutely delicious and left me wanting more! 


Sour Patch – Watermelon – USA 


Sour Patch kids have been one of my favourite candies for as long as I can remember.  These are just like the classic Sour Patch, with the initial sour flavour that becomes sweet as you eat it with a hint of watermelon.  These are sure to be loved by young and old alike. 


TimTam – Salted Caramel & Vanilla – Australia


O.M.G! These were my absolute favourite out of the entire box! WHY HAS NOONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT TIM TAMS BEFORE!?!  These are chocolate covered biscuits with a nice smooth salted caramel and vanilla flavour on the inside. They just melt in your mouth and are amazing! I need to find a local store that sells these! 

M&M’s Caramel – USA

We had these in stores a little while back and they are great! Soft and delicious caramel inside the classic M&M chocolate shell is just a wonderful taste. I like to put them in the fridge for an hour so the caramel hardens a little and makes them a little more chewy. 

Trolli – Sour Brite Crawlers Minis Very Berry – USA 


I’m a big fan of gummy worms and I love sweet and sour candies, but these ones were not one of my favourites. They were good, but not one I would buy if I was looking for gummies. I found the texture to be different and not as flavourful as I had hoped. 


Payday – Flavour of Texas BBQ – USA 

PayDay is a caramel-nougat bar surrounded by salted peanuts. The flavour of texas bbq is just added  barbecue seasoning that is coating the peanuts. You would think this would taste kinda gross, but it was quite delicious. A flavour combination you would think wouldn’t work, but it really does! 


Grape Gummy – Malaysia

The Grape Gummy was individually wrapped (perfect for your purse or lunch box).  I was not a big fan of this one. Maybe it’s the flavour, but it tasted a little weird to me. My kids loved them tho. 


One thing that makes One Sweet Box stand out from other candy subscription boxes that I have tried, is that there were two ice packs at the bottom of the box to ensure the chocolates/candies don’t melt while in transit. This is great, because who wants to receive melted chocolates?! 




I absolutely love One Sweet Box, and can’t wait to try next months box! 

 If you love candy or love trying new candy, this is the perfect box for you. One sweet box also makes a great gift for your candy loving friend or family members! 

Canadian Mom Reviews readers can get a 10% discount on their first box by using promo code: CMRSAVE10


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