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PawPak Review

Hi Everyone!

Last week I received a PawPak in the mail to review,  so this post is going to be featuring Roxy, my 18-month old Italian Mastiff mix.

About PawPak ; PawPak is a Canadian Subscription box for dogs.  Each Month you’ll receive a box that contains dog toys, treats and other goodies specifically picked for your dogs size, right at your doorstep! The company is family owned in Ontario.  10% of profits are donated to Canadian rescue groups and shelters! (You can check out their Facebook Page for donation updates)

The products change each month, but usually include 5-7 amazing items designed to make life with your doggy a little easier!

The toys that PawPak puts in their boxes are all high quality,  which is great if you have a dog who is notorious to destroy brand new toys (Ahem…Roxy)

Monthly boxes are as low as 24.95$ a month,  for a 12 month subscription and include free shipping! And let me tell you, you’re definitely getting your moneys worth!


So, now on to Roxy’s testing and review.


This was inside February’s PawPak, named “Winter Weighing You Down?”


It included;

BonBal – You can turn this bone shaped toy into a ball, and load it with treats to then make it a treat-dispensing ball.  It’s a 3-in-1 toy! – ARP $14

Invincible Chains – Made from durable natural rubber, you can burn some “stuck inside” energy together! – ARP $14

Liver Flavour Low Calorie Treats – Just 3 calories per treat, they’re a fantastic training treat! And can also be used inside the BonBall. – ARP $9

Sweet Potato Chewy Chips – Veterinarian approved, single-ingredient treat grown right here in Ontario! – ARP $8

and some poop bags,  you can never have too many of those! – ARP $4

*Value of the February PawPak contents aprox $49*


Overall, Roxy enjoyed all the products.  The only ‘negative’ I have to say about the PawPak box is that the BonBall toy, after some rough play, doesn’t hold it’s tight-seal ball shape, so the treats just fall out.  I’m certain it’s Roxy’s fault because she’s played super rough with both the toys, which just goes to show how much she loves them.   She usually ruins toys within a day, and neither of the toys have been damaged, 10 days since she first got them.   I’m honestly surprised that they withstood her playtimes.

As far as the treats, my Roxy is a fan of treats and she loved both of them.  I usually make her Sweet Potato chips at home, so I was weary at first with those.. but after learning they’re single-ingredient I felt a lot better.   She doesn’t get many ‘dog’ treats,  as we try to keep it healthy, so she gets whole carrots or pieces of bananas.. but both of these treats passed my ‘health treat’ rule!

And well,  the poop bags will be put to good use,  no other comment is needed on those.. they do their job.. haha!

Now, please enjoy some photos I took of Roxy testing out her toys.  (Also, to see a video of her playing with the Bonball and to see how it works, check out the Canadian Mom Reviews Facebook Page!!)






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