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Preparing Your Garden for Winter This Autumn

Summer is just upon us, but the sunny days will make way for cooler temperatures to herald in autumn before we know it. Many people will have spent a lot of time getting their gardens ready for the summer, and rightly so. The warmer temperatures make it the ideal time to get outside and enjoy your garden.

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So what should you be looking to do when you need to get your garden for autumn.

Clean Up Furniture and Sheds

Before packing all of your garden furniture away, the first step is to make sure you have given everything a good clean and allowed it to dry properly before putting it away. This will stop any dirt or mould from accumulating while in storage over the winter months.

The same should be be be be applied to your sheds or outbuildings to remove any dirt and debris accumulated during the summer months. Take this time to get your hot tub cleaned, too, along with a pool if you have one ready for winter if you won’t be using them.

Mow The Lawn

You should try to give your lawn a last mow before the colder weather sets in. This will help you to keep it neat and tidy over winter. Make holes in the lawn for drainage using the prongs of a garden fork at 10 cm intervals if you get a lot of rainfall during the winter. This will prevent the build-up of moss on the lawn.

Pressure Wash Patios

Give your outside space a good clean with a power wash to remove any build-up of dirt and grime from the summer. This will help you to keep your garden looking clean. Add a patio cleaner to help you avoid the build of moss and mildew on your nation over the winter. This process can be repeated when you prep your garden again in spring to freshen it up again.

Use the pressure washer to give the external walls of your home a clean, too, if appropriate.

Trim Borders

Neaten up your edges, remove any dead plants and leaves flowers and clean up any debris that might have found its way into your borders. Cut back faded perennials to 5 cm above ground level, but don’t be too tidy and add bark, wood chipping or well-rotted manure to your borders.

Remove invasive weeds to prevent them from overpowering your garden and destroying any plants you have too.

Repair Structures

Broken fences or paving slabs? Damaged ornaments? Use this time to fix anything that needs repairs so it can be used again next year, especially if you are putting it away to protect it from the elements. Outdoor fixtures can withstand a multitude of different weather over winter, but if they are damaged, they won’t be at their best when you come to use them again once you start to use your garden again post-winter.

This preparation will help you to make sure your garden is well cared for and organized all year round.

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