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Essential House Selling Tips: Curb Appeal

Before listing your home, some real estate agents will tell you to work on the outside of the house first, but unless there is a major project involved or you are in a hurry to list, it is probably best to save the outside for last. There are two main reasons for this.

First, the first steps in preparing the interior of the house are easier. They also help develop the proper mindset required for selling – beginning to think of your “home” as a marketable commodity.

Second, the exterior is the most important.

A home buyer’s first impression is based on his or her view of the house from the real estate agents car. They call that first impression “curb appeal.” 

So take a walk across the street and take a good look at your house. Look at nearby houses too, and see how yours compares. Then it may be time to go to work.

Driveway – Is your driveway cracked or just looking dull? You may want to consider driveway sealing. This will make your asphalt look great and keeps it protected. 

Landscaping – Is your landscaping at least average for the neighbourhood?

If it is not, buy a few bushes and plant them. Do not put in trees. Mature trees are expensive, and you will not get back your investment. Immature trees do not really add much to the appearance value of the home. 

If you have an area for flowers, buy mature colourful flowers and plant them. They add a splash of vibrancy and colour, creating a favourable first impression. Do not buy bulbs or seeds and plant them. They will not mature fast enough to create the desired effect and you certainly don’t want a patch of brown earth for homebuyers to view.

Your lawn should be evenly cut, freshly edged, well-watered, and free of brown spots. If there are problems with your lawn, you should probably take care of them before working on the inside of your home. This is because certain areas may need to be re-sod, and you want to give it a chance to grow so that re-sod areas are not immediately apparent. Plus, you might want to give fertilizer enough time to be effective.

Always rake up loose leaves and grass cuttings. Do not leave things like garbage cans, shovels, rakes etc.. out front. This will distract potential buyers. 

These are just a few very basics tips for giving your house great curb appeal. Remember the law of first impressions: you never get a second chance to make one. Maximizing your home’s curb appeal is a critical step to instantly grabbing the buyers’ attention.

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  1. […] try to give your lawn a last mow before the colder weather sets in. This will help you to keep it neat and tidy over winter. Make holes in the lawn for drainage using the prongs of a garden fork at 10 cm […]

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