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Purple Urchin

Purple Urchin is a handmade soap company located in Ottawa’s Chinatown.

What started as experiments in a damp, dark basement soon became a business operating at farmers’ markets, craft sales and online. They have since vacated their original den of hygienic sorcery and set up a Chinatown storefront and production space.

They love making soap because it lets them work with their hands and be creative without contributing materials to landfills. Soap is luxurious, biodegrades, and makes a great useful gift. Plus, they get to have all kinds of fun experimenting with new scents!

When customers started asking for other natural products, they of course obliged. They now offer a wide variety of bath and skincare products, all developed from scratch (mostly through research and trial & error) in their on-site laboratory.

They’ve grown a lot, but we will always continue to make amazing, environmentally friendly and health conscious products. Their soaps still remain handmade from scratch.

Arthritis Relief Rub

100% natural rub contains anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic essential oils. These oils assist in reducing the pain and swelling associated with some types of arthritis. Warning: Do not use if pregnant.

I used to be one of those quacks who didn’t believe that natural products worked. In the recent years I’ve seen too many amazing products, this one included, that have completely changed my views. Sore arthritic knees are no more with this amazing rub by my side.



Black Pepper & Birch Tingling Sore Muscle Rub

100% natural tingling sore muscle rub contains black pepper and sweet birch essential oils which are known for their soothing properties. Apply to muscles and joints to reduce inflammation and pain. Applied to the forehead, it can also be used to relieve tension headaches. Also makes a great massage balm! Warning: Sweet Birch essential oil should not be used if you are pregnant, have liver problems, or are on blood thinners. Do not apply to babies or children under 12 or to open wounds.

I suffer from mind crippling migraines. The Black Pepper & Birch Tingling Sore Muscle Rub is one of my new best friends when I feel one coming on. This rub has stopped a few of my migraines dead in their tracks. A definite must have for anyone who is a fellow migraine suffer.

Lemon Meringue Rich Hand Balm

This nourishing balm contains healing calendula, hydrating macadamia nut, olive, and coconut oils, vitamin E rich soybean oil, and protective beeswax to repair dry, overworked hands.

What is this sorcery? Once you apply it, you’d swear you had an invisible pair of silk gloves on. It completely protects your hands while you do the dishes, laundry or any other labour intensive job your hands are required to do. It completely seals all the little cuts and cracks and repairs them while you still manage to do your daily chores. Simply heavenly.


100% Natural Deodorant. Contains no aluminium chloride, phthalates, parabens, talc, synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colours.

I’ve always wanted to find a natural deodorant to be able to get away from all those bad ingredients. However, I’ve been having severe reactions in my natural deodorant journey. I won’t lie, I was a little apprehensive in trying Pitster but I’m so glad I did! I have found the natural deodorant that works for ME! They’ve made a new customer out of me! I hope they come out with new scents soon!

Visit Purple Urchin in Ottawa’s Chinatown, find their products in one of the 30+ distributors across Ontario, or order from their online store.

If you’d like to learn more about Purple Urchin, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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